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* The coconut flour I usually use needed 1 cup, but I also tried it with a different brand and 66g was only less than 1 cup. So, PLEASE weigh your flour first before trying to make the crust. As long as you use 95g you'll be good. **Don't start making the condensed milk until the crust comes out of the oven, as I've got it all timed so the crust has enough time to set up, before you pour the milk on. *** You need to make sure you end up with 1 1/4 cups milk, no more, no less. This can take varying times, depending in your stove/pot size. I recommend boiling 12 or 13 minutes, measuring and then pouring back into the pot and reducing a few more minutes if need be. It's annoying, but necessary. **** You NEED to let these sit overnight to make sure the coconut milk really has a chance to chill and thicken. ***** I find an offset spatula to be really helpful to get these out of the pan!

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