Cooking Tips

How to Choose Fish at the Market

Learn what to look for when you are at the store choosing seafood. Whole or cut, learn what the labels mean so you are choosing the best catch in season and storing it properly.

Master Hollandaise Sauce

The smooth, decadent hollandaise emulsion is a sauce that may seem hard to get right, but once mastered you are set to make any dish, breakfast to dinner, that much more indulgent.

How to Make Chili Oil

Preserve your fall pepper harvest with amazingly spicy chili oil that can be used all year round in a variety of dishes.

How to Truss a Chicken

Learn how to perfectly tie up a chicken and then patiently wait for the golden, crispy-skinned bird to roast. Trussing ensures even cooking, perfectly cooked dark meat and white meat that is not dry.

Smart Tips for the Meat Counter

Learn some quick tips before you head to the grocery store about what to look for when selecting meat from the butcher’s case. Fatty or lean? Tender or tough? This will help clear things up.

How to Clean Crab

Celebrate summer with fresh seafood. Learn a how to clean crab and eat the delicious Dungeness —the sweet, meaty crustacean native to the Pacific Northwest.

Knife Sharpening Tips

Take good care of your most important kitchen tool to keep your fingers safe and have the cleanest cuts. Follow these tips to know when to sharpen and how when using a wet stone.

Homemade Japanese Mayo

Japanese mayonnaise, Kewpie-style, is loved for its spreadability, flavor, and rich color that comes from straight egg yolks, rather than whole eggs.