Greek Hummus Bites

These Greek hummus bites are a fun, flavorful appetizer that’ll really impress your guests. They take only 15 minutes to make and have a crazy array of flavors and textures, sure to please any palate.

Baked Shrimp Toast

A dim sum favorite. Simple to make and better for you when baked to golden brown perfection. They’re crispy and shrimpy – just the way they should be!

Crab Rangoon Dip and Wonton Chips

Crab rangoon dip is the appetizer is the perfect appetizer to make for a crowd with crispy wonton chips.

Roasted Cauliflower and White Bean Hummus

Hard to resist Roasted Cauliflower and White Bean Hummus makes the perfect midday snack.

Roasted Grape and Balsamic Reduction Crostini

A bold sweet and savory appetizer, roasted grape crostini with a balsamic reduction and creamy ricotta is a wonderful winter bite.