Erica Kastner

Hello! I’m Erica Lea. I’m a 20-something Christian living in northern Minnesota with a desire to cook quality food for my husband, Reuben, my little girl, Helen, and (eventually) my little boy, James. On Buttered Side Up I share recipes I have tried & modified (to be a tad healthier) and found to be delicious. My main focus is recipes with a healthy touch.

How to Make Savory Waffles

These gluten free and Whole30 approved savory waffles are a breeze to make and are loaded with delicious cheese, if you choose.

Savory Dutch Baby Pancake

Puffy dutch baby pancakes are a breakfast delight. Check out this savory version made with cheese, mushrooms and sausage.


Marble Cheesecake

Made without a crust, this gluten free marble cheesecake is a rich combination of chocolate a vanilla flavors.