Murray's Cheese Greatest Hits

5 Majorly Misunderstood Cheese

Even misunderstood cheese like American Cheese Singles has a place in the universe, says Nicole…

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Dashi With Lobster Takoyaki, Sisho Tempura and Beluga Caviar By Chef Eric Vildgaard

A two Michel starred Chef and his quest for the perfect dashi, makes a gorgeous…

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Super Quick And Easy Brioche Buns

Kalle Bergman travels to Paris with the help of his imagination and some Delish On the Double baby brioche buns.

Fresh Berry Salad With Vanilla Yoghurt And Almonds - Photo By Mads Damgaard

Fresh Berry Salad With Vanilla Yoghurt And Almonds

Unless you insist on picking the berries yourself, this dessert is so simple we’re not even sure it’s a recipe.

Pain Verte – Green Garlic Bread

Okay, so you made a huge amount of Sauce Verte the other day, and have a little left over? Make green garlic bread!


Perfect the Princess Cake with Chef Emma Bengtsson

Get your oven mitts ready to finally perfect the Swedish Princess Cake with the help of two Michelin Starred Chef Emma Bengtsson. Except for the Swedes, apparently the Princess Cake is hard…

Noble Russian Beluga-Sevruga Caviar, Miso And Blackcurrant Wood By Chef Eric Vildgaard

Most chefs use caviar as garniture on a dish, but not two-starred Michelin chef Eric Vildgaard of Jordnær in Copenhagen. Instead, he uses the extravagant product as the main feature and builds dishes…

Mrs Tollman’s Divine Chicken Pot Pie

Guests love Beatrice Tollman’s divine Chicken Pot Pie. It’s perfection when prepared by Executive Chef Daniel Putz in Cheneston’s Restaurant at The Milestone Hotel & Residences in London. A Life in Food written…

Elevated Tomato Salad by Chef Andrew Clatworthy from TRIO

Chef Andrew Clatworthy shares the recipe of this outstanding tomato salad from TRIO Restaurant, sister restaurant of the two Michelin-starred AOC in Copenhagen. We may not have the amazing view Trio has…

Turbot, Truffles and Yuzu Kosho By Chef Eric Vildgaard

Turbot is the king of the sea, and a king is to be treated with the utmost respect. Here is two-starred Michelin chef Eric Vildgaard’s personal vision of how the royal North…

Trinidad Black Rum Cake for the Holidays

Every December the whiff of brandy and rum circulates my apartment. While the pine tree scent marks your glad tidings. The scent of my aunt’s rum cake marks the start of mines.…