Three Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes for Summer

Get ready to refresh this summer with these iced tea recipes, and just in time for National Iced Tea Day on June 10th too.

Fit to a T: 5 Delicious Tea Products for National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea Month, so it’s the ideal time to stock up on some favorites. Here’s what made the list for culinary tea obsessions this season, and to flip the script, several don’t require any heat at all.

Teas and Tea Cocktails to Drink During Flu Season

No one wants to get sick. Protect yourself with warm, cozy teas and tea cocktails that are perfect for flu season and all of winter.

Iced Lavender and Matcha Latte

This Iced Matcha Latte is earthy and floral, thanks to a sweet lavender honey. Refreshing…

Afternoon Tea on the High Seas Aboard Oceania

Experience the revered ritual of afternoon tea aboard a ship.

Iced Turmeric Tea

We’ve all at least heard of, it not tried, turmeric lattes, smoothies or teas. But what about an iced turmeric tea? Refresh with an energizing glass.

Cozy Whiskey Chai

Warm and comforting, this whiskey chai is a cozy sip on chilly autumn evenings.

Golden Teas, Green Lattes and Other Trendy Refreshments At Pure Leaf Tea House NYC

Pure Leaf Tea, the premium tea brand opened a pop up store in Soho, New York. Offering Golden Teas, Green Lattes and Other Refreshments.

Extraction Lab: Coffee, Tea and an Idea

In Brooklyn’s Industry City, Extraction Lab is serving tea and coffee unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

Making Better Beverage Choices

Did you know it’s National Hot Tea Month? Could you be making better beverage choices?