Fernanda Serrano: A Rising Star on NYC’s Mexican Food Scene

Chef Serrano has earned her stripes by working in some of the best kitchens in the world. At elNico, she is blazing her own trail.

Interview: Vegan Chef Lauren Von Der Pool

Lauren Von Der Pool’s switch to a plant based lifestyle and becoming a renowned vegan…

Josiah Citrin: The Pursuit of Excellence

An interview with Josiah Citrin, veteran chef with more than two decades of success, three Michelin Stars and seven restaurants.

Natasha Mesa by Gabi Porter
An Award Winning Cocktail Expert’s Journey to Legendary Bar Milady’s

Natasha Mesa’s journey to Milady’s, the legendary bar in Soho, proves this saying rings true;…

Three Sommeliers on Why They Love Garnacha/Grenache Wines From Europe

To Sommeliers, arguably the most knowledgeable wine people in the world, how do Grenache wines from Europe rank? We chatted with three different wine professionals to hear what they love about these European wines and how they like to pair them with food.

The Beautiful Mind of Chef Diego Hernández

Getting down to the essence of who the inspiring Baja Californian chef Diego Hernández is.

Gluten & Nightshade Free Bruschetta from the Chef at Intercontinental Bangkok
Who can better design a gourmet gluten and nightshade free bruschetta than an Italian fine…
Perfect Burger Without A BBQ or Grill

Kenji Lopez-Alt himself from Serious Eats tell us how to make the perfect burger without a BBQ or grill.

The Curious Drinker’s Bar: II Bar

Get to know Robert Gaggl, the bar and lounge director at the Bulgari Hotel. Rather than having a signature style, he works for the guest, making sure they leave happy and inspired.

Beautiful and Beneficial: The Health-Minded Design of Antidote Chocolate

Inspired by a career in food packaging, Antidote founder Red Thalhammer peels back the wrapper to create chocolate that lives up to its eye-catching design.

Cooking the CSA Way

Farm-to-table. All-natural. Organic. All buzzwords being thrown around by restaurants and cooks these days, but even they might still be missing the point. Many parts of vegetables like their leaves or roots aren’t being used to their full potential; reserved for the compost pile. Its time for things to change. Every single part of the vegetable is usable and edible, and can transform any dish. It’s a celebration of using whole vegetables in day-to-day cookery. Come take a new look at some old friends.

“Eat Mexico” A Roadmap to Mexican Street Food

Well-known blogger Lesley Tèllez’s new cookbook, “Eat Mexico,” is a love letter to authentic Mexican street food. It gives readers a glimpse of food that isn’t stylized, but raw and bursting with local flavor. “Eat Mexico” is your roadmap to fresh, authentic Mexican street food that you can make in your own kitchen.

Chef Justin Ermini: Farm-to-Table Original

An American chef with an Italian background cooks farm-to-table in Mexico. Let the challenges begin!…

At the Table with Joanne Weir

If there’s one woman who does it all, it’s Joanne Weir. It’s tough to count all the pots the award-winning cookbook author and chef has her hands in.

The Culinary Enigma of Atsushi Tanaka

An interview with Atsushi Tanaka from A.T. Restaurant, Paris on his dynamic, progressive gastronomy and how he sets himself apart from all others on the Parisian restaurant scene.

Celebrating Milanese Cuisine Chef Marco Barbisotti

Even if you are unable to attend the Milan Expo this spring, Chef Marco Barbisotti has some tips to give you the same Milanese flavors.

A 60 Second Interview with the Meringue Girls

Alex and Stacy, the Meringue Girls, have taken London by storm with their light meringue kisses.

At the Table with Patricia Wells

If you haven’t heard of Patricia Wells by now, you might be living under a rock. The acclaimed journalist paved her own food career from New York to France.

A Scientific Approach to “Healthy” Eating at ReViVer

NYC’s ReViVer promises to provide food that is both nutritionally beneficial and enjoyable to eat, affordable, and ready to eat in four minutes.

A Family Tradition: Grill-Roasting with Lobel’s

Can you think of a more perfect way to start off grilling season than roasting on the grill? Gather your friends and family – we visited Lobel’s Butcher Shop, of New York City for pointers on how to “grill” the perfect roast.

Sense Memory: Farm-Fresh Inspiration from Audra Mulkern and the Female Farmer Project

Meet Audra Mulkern, she is putting good food in the spotlight and on our radars.

Chef Curtis Stone: Exclusive Interview

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone has a lot on his plate, read the interview to learn more about the Australian chef.

Interview with Colin West of WINERAM

An interview with the individual behind WINERAM, Colin West.

Dallas: Smoke Sunday Brunch with Chef Tim Byres

Joy Zhang sits down for brunch with Tim Byres, co-owner and Chef of Dallas’ acclaimed restaurant, SMOKE.

Holiday Baking Inspiration from Beekman 1802

The goat farmer winners of the Amazing Race and founders of Beekman 1802 feature sweets and passed down family stories in their latest cookbook.

Chef Alejandro Abad
Kitchen Deconstructed: Bay 223’s Executive Chef Alejandro Abad

We sit down with Chef Alejandro Abad to chat about his new gig as the Executive Chef at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay’s signature restaurant Bay 223.

Claes Bech-Poulsen – In Pursuit of Perfection: A Star Photographer Turns 50

An ode to Claes Bech-Poulsen, the man behind the sharp photo lens that has perpetuated food art and star chefs from all over the world.

The Black and White World of Truffles

When it comes to truffles there is no grey. Truffles are either black or white and opinions regarding them are no different.

Beer and Wings, Hermit Kingdom Style

Explore the Hospitality of North Korean in Cambodia: “what could be more foreign to a lifelong consumer of Western capitalism’s fats, oils and sweets than the food and culture of the DPRK?”

Meet: Chef Adam Woodfield of Coca Chu

The dining experience at coca chu is casual and sociable, the cuisine is modern Southeast Asian influenced. The dishes are designed to be shared…

Inside Omnivore: The Birth of a Global Food Brand

Omnivore started like a rebellion, [spring from the] understanding that food and cuisine were about to change, that they needed to change in France. Young chefs arriving…

Jody Eddy and Gunnar Gunnar Karl Gíslason on Icelandic Cuisine
Jody Eddy and Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason on Icelandic Cuisine

Jody Eddy traveled throughout Iceland with Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason to get the stories and recipes of Iceland’s changing culinary tradition.

Sense Memory: Grilling Secrets from Bill the Butcher’s Meat Whisperers

Getting advice from one of Bill the Butcher’s experts is like speaking to a true Meat Whisperer, and it will make you the hit of your Labor Day BBQ.

A French Baker in Brooklyn: “My Life in Sourdough”

Meet Marie Constantinesco, the filmmaker behind My Life in Sourdough, a mini-series about the culinary and romantic adventures of a French girl living in New York.

What Would Brian Boitano Make?
What Would Brian Boitano Eat?

Olympic figure skater turned Food Network personality and cookbook author Brian Boitano reminisces about some…

A Conversation with Top Notch Italian Mixologist Cristina Bini
A Conversation with Top Notch Italian Mixologist Cristina Bini

In America we talk more and more about mixologists, who are creators of new drinks, engineers of liquor stills. Read about it on Honest Cooking today.

Interview with Daniel Vaughn - Greek God of Texas Barbecue
Interview with Daniel Vaughn – Greek God of Texas Barbecue

Daniel Vaughn may have the world’s best job. He is the only Barbecue Editor in the world, dedicating all of his life to eating and writing about barbecue.

Won’t You be My Valentine-Wine – An Interview with Wine Expert Jameson Fink

Find out about the perfect Valentine’s Day wine and what best suits this romantic holiday.

Chef Wally Joe Acre
Chef Talk – Wally Joe, Acre Restaurant, Memphis TN

Kalle Bergman talks to Chef Wally Joe about his souther roots, his passion for food and his newest restaurant Acre in Memphis Tennessee.

Shaken not Stirred Book Authors
Interview: Shaken not Stirred – a Celebration of the Martini

Serge Lesouarnec talks to cocktail authors Anistatia R.Miller and Jared M.Brown about their classic Shaken not Stirred book.

Chef Joan Roca is a Master at Creative Cuisine

Chef Joan Roca is a master at creative cuisine and together with his two younger brothers, Sommelier Josep and Pastry Chef Jordí, he has developed an extraordinary Girona, Catalonia, dining experience.

Interview with Faith Gorsky – An Edible Mosaic Cookbook Author

Spicie Foodie Nancy Lopez-McHugh chats with Faith Gorsky about her new cookbook, An Edible Mosaic: Middle Eastern Fare with Extraordinary Flair.

Atul Kochhar at his restaurant Benares
Interview with Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar

Atul Kochhar is an Indian born, British based chef and is widely acclaimed for his take on modern Indian cuisine. Reena Pastakia visited him in his restaurant Benares.

An Interview with Eric from Books for Cooks in Notting Hill, London

It is perhaps surprising that while most independent bookshops are struggling, Books for Cooks – a bookshop dedicated to cooking is thriving. 

Ryan Edwards Chef
Meet the Chef: Ryan Edwards at Appellation at The Louise, Barossa Valley

Christina Soong-Kroeger meets up with another acclaimed chef from the Barossa Valley in Australia.

Christian Aarø Mortensen
The Sommelier of the New Nordic Cuisine – Video Interview with Christian Aarø Mortensen

Kalle Bergman met Christian Aarø Mortensen, of the Michelin starred restaurant AOC, to talk about wine pairings for the New Nordic Cuisine.

Chef Jose Salazar – A Little Lagniappe

Primarily heard in Southern Louisiana, this term is widely used in shops and restaurants, and refers to “a little something extra.”

Behind the Knives: Interview with Personal Chef, Jenna Helwig

Like many self-employed chefs, Jenna Helwig wears multiple hats: personal chef, culinary instructor, recipe developer, freelance writer and TV consultant.

Building a Craft Beer Empire: An Interview With Tony Yanow

What are his tips for anyone who wants to break into the world of craft beer? Jackie Dodd sits down with the king of Los Angeles Craft Beer.

Founder of the Angela Malik School of Food and Wine
Interview with Angela Malik – Founder of the Angela Malik Cook School

Reena Pastakia caught up with Angela Malik to find out more about her “five taste sensations” ethos and her career to date.

Grom – A Story of Friendship in the Name of Gelato

Partners Guido Martinetti and Frederico Grom have achieved huge success with their old style gelato shops.

Meet the Team – an Interview with Carly DeFilippo

Carly is a Contributing Writer at Honest Cooking. Her interest in “food as culture” led her to Paris, where she studied culinary criticism.

Meet the Team – Shuchi Mittal from 29 Calories

Meet Honest Cooking contributor Shuchi Mittal from the blog 29 Calories.

Meet the Team – Marissa Sertich from Dessertation

Meet Marissa Sertich, Honest Cooking’s own pastry master, and hear more about how her obsession for baked goods started.

The Beef Break Down – Interview with Meat Scientist, Dr. Phil

Meet Dr. Phil, the eccentric Meat Scientist behind Certified Angus Beef.

Sense Memory: Pantry Confidential – What’s in Your Spice Rack?

Denise Sakaki asks that ancient, universal question. – What’s in your spice rack?

Cooking with Tea – A Lesson from Le Palais des Thés

Carly DeFilippo sits down with Aurélie Bessière, to learn more about culinary uses for tea.

S.H. Fernando Jr. – Rice and Curry: Sri Lankan Home Cooking

Nancy Lopez-McHugh talks to S.H. Fernando Jr., author of Rice and Curry – Sri Lankan Home Cooking.

Chef Interview – Morten Nielsen from Morten’s Kro, Denmark

Kalle Bergman went to Aalborg, Denmarks fourth largest city to interview one of the country’s most celebrated chefs.

The Noble Rot – Wine Education Made Easy and Fun

Mandy Baca interviews Jonathan Cristaldi from the wine website The Noble Rot.