Michelle Tchea

Michelle Tchea is a 4-time bestselling author. Her books include, Building a Perfect Meal, My Little SoHo Kitchen, Signature Dishes (Australia's Best) and Chefs Collective. Her work can be found in other leading luxury travel and food magazines including Travel+Leisure Asia, SMILE, NUVO Magazine and The Telegraph

Secrets To Making Perfect Carbonara From A Michelin-Star Chef – Chef Marco Sacco

Chef Marco Sacco needs no introduction and is arguably one of Italy’s most prized processions in the culinary field. Michelle Tchea of Chefs Collective visited the Piedmont region (read more about it on her adventures around the Lake District and also Novara Country side in the North of Italy here), discovering the heart and soul of Italy with its amazing collection of chefs.

La Cabrera’s Beef Empanadas

La Cabrera is affectionately one of Argentina’s great restaurants. Loved by locals and gourmet tourists around the world – here are the delicious Beef Empanadas by World’s Best and Top Chef, Gaston Riveira.


Steak Tartare from Wroclaw, Poland

Favorite Polish foods are given modern twists at Lwia Brama restaurant and here is a quick and easy recipe for a Polish Steak Tartare.


Traveler’s Recipe – Two Great Duck Ravioli Recipes

Dumplings are unanimous with Polish cuisine. But with a sudden surge of great Polish chefs breaking the mold and setting the culinary bar very high, modern interpretations of traditional Polish recipes are making a come back. Try these great duck dumplings or ravioli, for example.