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Pastry Class with Chef Kay Baumgardt ‘THE STONE’

Pastry Class with Chef Kay Baumgardt ‘THE STONE’

You always must leave room for dessert. The saying goes when you visit Zur Fernsicht in Heiden. A very likable small town near St. Gallen, Switzerland. 

Headed up by Chef Tobias Funke, a Michelin-star chef, the pastry chef lead by Kay Baumgardt makes this award-winning restaurant absolutely worth seeking out.

Excellent views of the Lake Constance overlooking St. Gallen and of course wonderful service, the desserts created by Kay are so good you have the option of having two, yes TWO desserts in the degustations at Zur Fernsicht.

Here, Chef Kay Baumgardt shares his recipe for ‘The Stone’ with Michelle Tchea’s Chefs Collective #lovestgallen #loveFernsicht #loveChefsCollective



The Stone by Chef Kay Baumgardt 

Roasted Rye Flour / Green Apple / Yoghurt / Parsley


Rye Flour Cream

350g Yoghurt

65g Roasted Rye Flour 60g Cane Sugar

25g Honey 40g Inulin

160g Egg White

8g bloomed Gelatin

Pinch of Salt, little bit of Apple Kombucha


Combine the Egg White with the Inulin and whip it until stiff. Put the Gelatin Sheets in cold water for 10 minutes, squeeze the Gelatin, to get all the Water out. Now you combine all the other ingredients, make sure that the Cream is perfect seasoned with salt and kombucha. Put the Gelatine in a pan or microwave to heat it up. Not to warm!! Pour in into the Mix and whisk very well. At last you fold in the Egg White / Inulin Mix. Be careful …. Don´t whisk it too much. Slightly with a spatula is perfect.

Fill the Cream into a Piping Bag and fill it up in the Stone Silicone Mould from Pavoni Italia


Green Apple Compote


4 Green Apples

100g fresh Apple Juice 1 Lemon

1g Salt

1.5g Xanthana 10g Apple Vinegar


Peel the Apples and cut them in equal size cubes. Put the rest of the ingredients in a mixer and blend it for 2 minutes. Taste it and maybe you need a little bit more Salt. Pour the Apple into the Mix.


Parsley Dust


Put 200g of Fresh Parsley for around 12 Hours in a Dehydrator. Mix it as fine you need.


Parsley Stones


25g Maltodextrin 15g Parsley Dust 20g Parsley Oil

1g Salt


Mix everything together. Put a bigger Pan on the Stove. Pour some drops Sunflower Oil in it. Don´t heat it up too much!!! Put half of the mixture in it and do a round movement with the Pan until you get Stones. Put them through a sieve to have all the same sizes.


Yoghurt Gel


350g Milk 3.3g Agar

16g Yoghurt Powder (Sosa) 2g Flaked Salt

See Also

½ Squeezed Lemon


Boil Milk, Agar, Salt and the lemon Juice for One Minute. Pour it on a tray and let it cool down in the Fridge. Now put everything in the Thermomix or a High-Speed Mixer (with the Yoghurt Powder). Mix it until its nice and smooth. Fill it up in a small squeeze Bottle.


Green Apple / Parsley Sorbet


300g Fresh Green Apple Juice 110g Parsley

160g Sorbet Mix 35g Basic Texture 4g Pro Sorbet

3g Salt

30g Apple Cider


Mix all the ingredients. Pour it through a sieve, fill it in Paco Jet Container and freeze for 24 Hours.


Parsley Oil


300g fresh Parsley 190g Sunflower Oil

2g Salt


Put everything in the Thermomix. Mix it at 80°C for 12 Minutes. Pour it through a very fine Sieve. Cool it down very quickly to keep the green Colour.

Rye Flour Dust

300g Fresh made Rye Flour Bread

Dry the Bread at a temperature of 60°C for around 3 Hours. Mix it very well.


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