A Pickled Winter

5 Recipes with Pickled Ingredients

For those who prepped for the hibernation season back in the fall, the time is ripe for enjoying the pickled and preserved ingredients that have been waiting to be popped out of those airtight jars. Here are five satisfying recipes that will add that tickle to your salivary glands.

Pickled Beet and Goat Cheese Tarts

These pickled beet and goat cheese tarts are a quick and gorgeous appetizer, perfect for the holidays as well as for any other winter celebration. Loaded with veggies, it’s the perfect bite to kick off your clean eating in the new year.

How to Make Dill Pickles at Home
How to Make Homemade Dill Pickles

Take a page out of the playbook of yesteryear, and learn how to extend the growing season by pickling your favorite vegetables.

Spicy Pickled Radishes

With a refreshing crunch and loaded with zest and a touch of spice, these quick pickled radishes are easy to make and throw on burgers, tacos, salads, and more.

How to Make Homemade Kimchi
How to Make Homemade Kimchi

Load up in nutritious probiotics by making delicious kimchi that is perfect with fried rice, ramen, noodles, to top burgers and so much more. It is easier to create than you think.

Kimchi and Pork Belly Fried Rice

In less than ten minutes, create a bowl of spicy kimchi and pork belly fried rice topped with a glorious egg.

Sweet and Sour Pickled Beets

Easily make your own spiced and pickled beets for a perfect meat and cheese board or salad accompaniment.

Fermenting 101

Fermenting and preserving foods and drinks has really hit its stride. Check out these tips from cookbook author Charlotte Pike and a recipe for Kraut-Chi.

Spiced Apple and Cabbage Sauerkraut

Combine favorite seasonal flavors in a fun new way with a spiced apple and cabbage sauerkraut. It is packed with probiotics and a great topping.

TrySwedish Thursdays: Swedish Pickled Herring and Cheese

Pickled herring is a staple on any Swedish Christmas table. In West Sweden, they serve with a traditional cheese common to the region.

Pickled Apples in Balsamic

Savor autumn apples by quick pickling them in a sweet balsamic with shallots. Serve on salads with cheeseboards or even on top of a burger.

Pickled Vegetables Rice Noodle Salad

An easy side or main with shrimp or tofu, this Vietnamese-style noodle salad comes packed with vegetables and fresh herbs.

Bok Choy Kimchi

A great digestion aid, making your own kimchi is easy and a deliciously spicy condiment to have on hand.

Indian-Style Pickled Limes

These spiced and pickled limes are worth the wait for a finger-licking, fun flavor.

Salmon with Pickled Onions, Spring Leeks, and Pea Shoots

A bowl of spring goodness doused in a lemon-dill vinaigrette and finished with avocado. Roasted sweet potatoes add rich flavor to the fresh flavors.

How to Make Beet Sauerkraut

Make a vibrant fermented cabbage and beet duo that is great as a side salad and even better on tacos, sandwiches, and beyond.

Sauerkraut Basics

Sauerkraut is great to have for sandwiches, sausages, perogies, and kielbasa. Just shred, salt, and pack down and have a tangy topping in just a few weeks.

Peaches Two Ways — Pickled and Smoked Jam

Peaches are delicious savory and pickled and sweetly smoked and jarred as jam. Watch the video and then try both.

Homemade Pickled Vegetables

Pickling is a delicious way to bump up your sandwich and preserve summer produce for later in the year. Try the simple pickling your own vegetables.

Red Cabbage Kraut

This simple red cabbage sauerkraut is made directly in the jar. Add juniper berries and caraways seeds for a delicious new level.

Pickled Cocktail Carrots

Make pickled carrots earlier in the day and you have an instant appetizer for your guests while dinner cooks, or use them to garnish a Bloody Mary.

Slow-Roasted Pork Arepas with Pickled Onions and Chimichurri

Arepas are fun. Not to mention, the smoky pork with the spicy and sour onions, herb-filled chimichurri, and cornmeal arepas are simply delicious.

Tangy Pickled Eggs

Tangy pickled eggs are a great snack, especially with brews to match. Their bright hue is a wonderful spring addition to table settings and adds a pop of flavor to salads.

Easy Pickled Green Tomatoes and Onions

Can’t wait for seasonal tomatoes to ripen and be ready to eat? Enjoy pickled green tomatoes and onion in a flash.

Pickled Whelks: Sea Snails
Pickled Whelks: Sea Snails

That’s right: sea snails. The gastropods are making a culinary comeback and this pickling recipe is a great introduction to the unusual ingredient.

Kerala Style Pickled Lemons

Serve these spicy pickled lemons with hot white rice or kanji (rice porridge).

Pickled Tomatoes
Pickled Tomatoes

The super-concentrated tomato flavor of this preserve can be used to brighten sandwiches or turn plain rice into a delicious dinner.

Pickled-Berry Gin and Tonic
Pickled-Berry Gin and Tonic

These berries brighten a classic G&T, but they’re also great on their own, served alongside cheese and charcuterie.

Pickled Swiss Chard Stems
Pickled Swiss Chard Stems

These would be great as an accompaniment to grilled meats, in wraps or salad, or topping a burger or tacos.

Pickled Strawberries
Pickled Strawberries

This is really a quick recipe, but what prolongs the misery is the waiting time.

Roasted Sunchokes with Pumpkin Seeds, Pickled Red Onion and Shaved Parmesan
Roasted Sunchokes with Pumpkin Seeds, Pickled Red Onion and Shaved Parmesan

Warm sunchokes make a perfect combination with the pumpkin seeds, the little bursts of cold, piquant pickled onion, and the creamy shavings of Parmesan.

Indian-style Sweet and Sour Pickled Rhubarb
Indian-style Sweet and Sour Pickled Rhubarb

Indian pickles are very different from western pickles. They combine a complex mix of flavors and spices.

Achari Gobi – Cauliflower In Pickled Sauce
Achari Gobi – Cauliflower In Pickled Sauce

On a dull weekday, when Friday seems far from reach, try this famous North Indian curry.

Spicy Pickled String Beans
Shimi Ka Achar – Spicy Pickled String Beans

This is a quick pickle that requires mustard oil to get a really pungent flavor, along with a few ground spices, fresh onion, lemon and salt

Grilled Bratwurst and Sauerkraut Sandwich

Father’s Day is this weekend and this sandwich is a great meal to serve the fathers in your life.

Achari Murg – Tangy Pickled Chicken

A tangy spicy chicken curry made with a lovely pickling sauce to lift anyones mood instantly.

Homemade Indian Chilli Pickle: Mirchi-Ka-Achar

Sonia Mangla dished out a great recipe for getting yourself in an Indian pickle.