Simone Van Den Berg

Simone van den Berg is a Netherlands based freelance food photographer and food blogger. She has a passion for cooking, food and travel, which she shares on her blog Simone's Kitchen and of course right here on Honest Cooking.

Maple Quinoa Granola

Quinoa is great for making crunchy granola. Get your morning in gear with added pumpkin, sunflower seeds and warm spices. Try it on desserts, too.


Buttermilk Nectarine Panna Cotta

Panna cotta may seem hard, but it’s so simple. Just heat and set. Buttermilk and cream give the dessert a great mix of flavor to pair with sweet nectarines.

Crispy Carrot Fritters

A delicious, crisp appetizer with garlic, onion, and chili flakes. Serve with a lemon Greek yogurt for a complete snack.

Crackling Chicken

This inexpensive, delicious chicken is simple comfort food at its best. Fry until golden brown and delicious.

Berry Yogurt Popsicle

For the ultimate combo of cream and tang, use full fat Greek yogurt. Let the popsicle sit at room temperature before enjoying for a soft-serve consistency.

Strawberry Limoncello Charlotte

Delicate ladyfingers soak up the summery limoncello and strawberry liquid. The ring of soaked cake surrounds a rich strawberry mascarpone mousse.

Rhubarb Soufflé with Hazelnuts

Totally delicious and of course fluffy, this vibrant soufflé will rise to meet all your expectations. Top with a warm hazelnut crumble.


Spicy Crusted Salmon Burger

This burger is fast, deliciously spicy, and healthy, too. Don’t be afraid to ditch the bun and nestle the crispy slider on top of a salad instead.

Creamy Rhubarb Tarts

This light, springy rhubarb tart is seated upon flaky puff pastry dough. Rhubarb slices bejewel the pastry with a creme fraiche sauce.

Gluten-Free Tomato Bread Recipe Paleo

Gluten-Free Tomato Bread

Twisted with garlic, onions, and herbs this sun-dried tomato bread is gluten-free and Paleo approved.