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Champagne glass
10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Champagne

Dazzle your New Years Eve guests with your knowledge about the golden wine from France.

Portugal’s Youngest Michelin Chef’s 6-Week Pop up in Copenhagen

The Portuguese chef of Michelin-awarded seafood mecca Vistas in Algarve, Rui Silvestre, moves into Tivoli Gardens in the heart of Copenhagen.

Deer Valley: Foraging for a Mustard-Infused Mountainous Dinner

While Deer Valley is a prominent place for outdoor lovers’ dreams– offering a plethora of…

Paco Morales brings Andalusia to Copenhagen with a pop up in Tivoli Gardens

He’s already one of Spain’s most famous chefs and now he plans to take over…

Dining Impossible: The World’s Best Dinner Party Enters Armenia

It’s been 13 years since his first dinner party in Copenhagen and since then, bon…

Mathew Leong Dreams Of Bocuse d’Or

Mathew Leong’s goal is to become the youngest chef to have ever made it all the way to the Bocuse d’Or finals in Lyon.

A New Way to Caffeinate: Matchless Coffee Soda

Learn about the exciting drink hitting shelves in 2018! Matchless Coffee Soda is refreshing, fizzy, and caffeinated, revolutionizing the concept of coffee.

Cooking the CSA Way

Farm-to-table. All-natural. Organic. All buzzwords being thrown around by restaurants and cooks these days, but even they might still be missing the point. Many parts of vegetables like their leaves or roots aren’t being used to their full potential; reserved for the compost pile. Its time for things to change. Every single part of the vegetable is usable and edible, and can transform any dish. It’s a celebration of using whole vegetables in day-to-day cookery. Come take a new look at some old friends.

Baking At Home with Chef Éric Kayser

Famed French baker Éric Kayser has launched his new book, “The Larousse Book of Bread.” Meant for the home baker, the book breaks down different techniques and recipes to enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen. Now you can feel like you’re deep in the heart of France, without actually going there.

10 Michael Pollan Food Rules to Eat By

Guidelines from Michael Pollan that he wrote based on cultural findings on the way we eat and the way we should be eating.

At a Chef’s Table: Enzo Neri from Gradisca

An interview with the chef of NYC’s Gradisca, a classic Italian restaurant serving modern creations and interpretations.

50 Great Reasons to Eat Dinner as a Family

A super-list of 50 reasons why you should eat a family dinner together tonight.

Mead — The Drink of Yesterday with No Boundaries For Today

The historical fermented drink is making a comeback in cities across the US. Honest Cooking has the scoop on the honey beverage.

4 Kickstarters for Compassionate Foodies

Projects that are equal parts delicious and conscientious.

Probiotic Drinks Cookbook
Giveaway – Delicious Probiotic Drinks Cookbook

Win the wonderful probiotic drinks cookbook from Honest Cooking contributor Julia Mueller.

I’ll Have What She’s Having – a Dialogue with Wine Entrepreneur Marie von Ahm

A dialogue about the evolution of the romantic industry of wine production.

Chef Curtis Stone: Exclusive Interview

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone has a lot on his plate, read the interview to learn more about the Australian chef.

Best Tailgating Recipes with Beer
Tailgating Favorites – Brats, Beers and Tacos

In our newsletter today – two of our all time favorite tailgating recipes containing malt and hops.

What Does a Royal Baby Eat – Royal Chef Darren McGrady Knows

What will the new royal prince eat? If you are caught up in all the royal baby frenzy, you may be wondering about the minutiae of a royal baby’s life.

10 Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget
10 Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

If you can implement all, or just some, of these 10 tips into your food routines, you can eat the best produce out there.

Cook on Clay Fires Off Perfect Eco-Cooking Vessel
Cook on Clay Fires Off Perfect Eco-Cooking Vessel

Cook on Clay is becoming known in foodie circles and is in the kitchens of devotees all over the world.

Super Bowl Taco Recipe
10 Perfect Super Bowl Recipes

Get ready to cook up a Super Bowl win this Sunday with this roundup of our favorite Super Bowl recipes.

Is it ‘Ham’ or is it ‘Fashion’?

The French word for a silk scarf is foulard. The word is composed by fou (insane) and lard (bacon). Eric Sohl talks of an unusual garment.

Technology Meets Hospitality at the SLS Hotel South Beach

Imagine being able to order drinks, make a reservation for dinner, place a room service order or rent a car, all before arriving to your hotel using an app that can be downloaded before you check-in?

Elements of Dessert
Book Review – Migoya’s Elements of Dessert Inspires and Awes

Francisco Migoya’s Elements of Dessert is a must-have book for any serious gastronome or culinary professional.

Keep Your Coffee and Tea Gift Buying Local

Forget not your favorite coffee and tea establishments when buying for those you love.

An Edible Mosaic
Cookbook Review – An Edible Mosaic, Middle Eastern Fare with Extraordinary Flair

Spicie Foodie Nancy Lopez-McHugh takes a closer look at An Edible Mosaic, a cookbok focusing…

Peter Sisseck
Tasting Notes – Pingus and Peter Sisseck 2009 Vintages

Wine writer Rasmus Palsgaard tries the 2009 vintages from fellow Dane Peter Sisseck, and his famous line of Spanish wines.

Kitchen Coquette Cookbook
Giveaway – Award Winning Kitchen Coquette Cookbook

From first dates to meeting the in laws and every event in between, Kitchen Coquette ensures your culinary bases are covered. Win it here!

Black Friday Shopping
Eat Right Before Fighting Crowds at the Mall

Here are a few valuable tips on how to eat right, in order to gain extra energy and patience before going Holiday shopping this weekend.

Skirt Steak Book
Book Review – All the Sizzle and all the “Skirt Steak”

In this behind-the-scenes tell-all about the lives of women chefs, Charlotte Druckman walks the reader into the world behind the hot line.

Sense Memory: Choose Your Side! The Politics of Thanksgiving Dinner

Denise Sakaki on what might just be the most important election (or at the very least, the most delicious) of this November. Thanksgiving Dinner choices.

A Fellowship of Pork

Noah Charney on sausages, eating meat and a butcher named Egon.

Kofoed - Emborg - Redzepi
Dining Impossible – The World’s Most Coveted Dinner Ticket

Three nights. Three of the world’s best chefs. 16 global gastro-travelers. It is the most coveted dinner ticket of 2012.

Are You A Comfort Drinker?

Who doesn’t reach for a bar of chocolate or a calorific cake when we’re feeling a bit low on a dark, miserable winters evening? Or perhaps a creamy comfort drink?

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Red Velvet – A Bizarre Food Dye Frenzy

Everywhere, as we speak, bakers are dumping entire bottles of food dye into chocolate cake. Why? Marissa Sertich speculates.

Authentic Food
Does Food Have to be Authentic to be Good?

Why are we so obsessed with the authenticity of a recipe or a dish? Isn’t it more important that it actually tastes good?

S’top D’storting the S’more

The message from Pastry Chef Marissa Sertich? Stop distorting the S’more.

Recipe for Change – The Value of a Tomato

The Recipe for Change Campaign is targeting three supermarket chains this summer, and asking its CEOs to support the Fair Food Program.

Sense Memory: Beer and Wine, Rivals or Drinking Buddies?

Wine and beer. Some drink both without much preference, but many prefer one over the other, like a never ending Cold War.

Independents’ Day and Red Currant Batter Pudding

Ruby Moukli’s Sugared Plum Pudding recipe, made with red currants from her garden, making it about as ‘local and independent’ as it gets.

Cake For Cause – Baking for Charity

Coffee mornings for charity have had a steady presence in the UK but lately the…

Magical Microgreens and How to Use them

Restaurants have used microgreens for years because they are tasty and add texture. Luckily, they are now available for the home cook.

6 Things to Know Before Calling Yourself a Foodie

Do you have what it takes to call yourself a foodie? Reid Nichols with a check list guest post.

How to Find Sustainable Seafood

Emiko Davies with some valuable tips on how and where to find information on sustainable fish and seafood.

Honest Cooking Won the 2012 Saveur Best Food Blog Awards

We’re honored, humbled, happy and extremely proud to have won the “Best Group Blog” category at the 2012 Saveur Best Food Blog Awards.

Health Nut – Anatomy of an Almond

High in protein, high in fiber and low in fat, almonds are not only delicious, but very good for you.

The Folly of the Pizza Blotter

Marissa Sertich urges dieters not to blot their pizza nor sacrifice the butter on their toast. 

A Bite of Britain: Celebrating Multiculturalism on St. George’s Day

Ruby Moukli celebrates St George’s Day by digging into some of the culinary wonders of multiculturalism.

An Organic Gardener’s Salad – Eat Colors for Health

Spring is here and there is no easier time to “Eat Your Colors” for extra health.

10 Cinnamon Facts You Should Know

Nancy Lopez-McHugh with a list of 10 interesting facts about that lovely spice we know as cinnamon.

Underused Pork Cut – Meet the Pig Wing

Essentially a pork shank, the pig wing is cut from the fibula of the pig. Serve deep fried, accompanied by a cold beer.

Red Bull May Give You Wings, But Is It Safe to Fly? A Look at What Energy Drinks Really Are

Red Bull may give you wings, Amp may get you pumped, but what is it you’re really drinking?

Picture-Perfect Meals Book Review – Citrus Marinated Olives and Puff Pastry Cheese Straws

Alisha Randell checks out Picture-Perfect Meals: Little Book of Appetizers

Joel Penkman – Food Painter Extraordinaire

These retro-vibed food paintings from New Zealand born painter Joel Penkman would look great in our kitchen.

How to Use Gelatin and Agar-Agar

A lot of desserts that call for gelatin or agar-agar need to be prepared carefully. Follow these simple tips to ensure success every time.

Cassia vs Real Cinnamon

What is the difference between Chinese and Ceylon Cinnamon, and what does it mean to your cooking?

Our New Favorite Chocolate – Honest

Eric Sohl finds a South African chocolate brand with a name that immediately made it…

Falcon Enamelware – A Great British Icon

London based designers Kiwi&Pom are responsible for the new look for the iconic British brand Falcon Enamelware.

Holiday Cocktail Quandary – How to Enjoy Your Own Party

Denise Sakaki solves the holiday cocktail quandary: how do you design a cocktail party that you, the host, can actually enjoy?