Ruby Rasa

Curious about her British mother's seemingly bizarre love of cheese & onion sandwiches, Ruby moved to England and discovered an island full of people eating them. She now lives among them, works as a freelance writer and photographer and yes, occasionally enjoys a good cheese & onion.

Aïoli Provençal

Aïoli refers not only to mayonnaise, but to a meal of the sauce and food to dip. In south France, aïoli garni comes with veggies, eggs, cod, and escargot.


Delicious Fig Truffles

Delicious and guilt-free treats. This Recipe makes approximately 12 large (two-bite) truffles, or 20 smaller bite-size ones.


Festivus Meal – Soup ‘n Toasties

December 23rd is not just ‘the day before the day before Christmas’. It’s much more than that, or can be if you’re willing to open your heart to one of the whackier holiday traditions on offer.