Chefs Collective: Wald & Wiese Signature Dessert from Chef Christian Rescher

Overlooking the small but quaint village of Lech in Austria, is a luxury boutique by…

Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

These egg-free, vegan black bean brownies have a beautiful fudgy, rich texture thanks to black beans and apple sauce. Surprise a friend with some brownies and make them guess the secret ingredeints!

Elmhurst Puts a Healthy Spin on the Caribbean Peanut Punch

Check out this Caribbean favorite Peanut Punch recipe made with a healthy vegan Elmhurst nut milk. Refreshing and perfect for the warmer months.

Mini Spring Herb Pavlovas

Revamp your pavlova recipes with a burst of spring, thanks to fresh mint and strawberries. These are the perfect mini sweets.

Dairy-Free Coconut and Blueberry Sundae with Stanton Social

In honor of Autism Awareness month, TAO group restaurant Stanton Social shares a Caribbean inspired coconut and blueberry sundae recipe.

Pinot Noir Caramel Sauce

Pamper yourself or someone you love with this decadent Pinot Noir caramel sauce. It’s so luxurious drizzled over ice cream, warm brownies and more.

How to Make a Perfect Naked Cake

Naked cakes popped up a few years ago and quickly became a huge trend. But these stripped cakes seem to be here to stay! Here’s how to make them.

Double Mocha Ice Cream Cake

With a layer of cake and a homemade cappuccino ice cream layer, this double mocha ice cream cake is a perfect end-of-summer treat.

Gluten Free Tiramisu With Ladyfingers

What better dessert to celebrate spring that a gluten free tiramisu with Ladyfingers (sponge cookies that in Italian are called “Savoiardi”), a delicious dairy free “mascarpone” cream and a hint of coffee that creates the most amazing contrast of flavors?

Meet the Sweet Duo Behind Dessert Goals

Learn more about the founders and vendors of New York City’s first ever dessert festival, Dessert Goals.

Dairy-Free Potato Chocolate Truffles

Use your mashed potatoes in a whole new way. Check out this video recipe to learn how to make creamy, dairy-free chocolate truffles.

How to Make Chocolate Panforte

An array of nuts, candied ginger, winter spices, and dark chocolate make for a festive and delicious Italian dessert with a bit of crunch.

Sugar Highs and Sweet Pictures at Dessert Goals

At Dessert Goals, New York City’s first ever festival dedicated to all things sweet, guests left with the sweetest sugar high and best dessert pictures imaginable.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea Scones

Let a warm plate of aromatic scones made with a milk thistle, barley, and orange peel tea brighten a cold morning or easily feed a holiday brunch crowd.

Gluten Free Lemon-Glazed Polenta Cake

A delicious polenta cake with ground almonds that is soaked in a sweet lemon syrup and topped with smooth lemon glaze.

Brioche Col Tuppo

Brioche Col Tuppo is a traditional Italian sweet bread. Aromatic and flavorful, it can be served by itself or with a fruity granita!

Rustic Nectarine Crostata

Homemade rustic nectarine crostata made with sweet and juicy nectarines, and a dash of cinnamon, is the perfect end of summer dessert!

Rice Krispie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Put two of our favorite desserts together? You don’t have to tell us twice. Here’s how to make ice cream sandwiches with the chewy marshmallow rice krispie treats.

Gluten Free Ginger Scones

These gluten free scones are easy to whip up and glaze with a simply delicious ginger icing.

Easy Orange Paleo Muffins

A quick and easy muffin recipe that is nutritious enough for breakfast and fragrant enough to get you salivating.

No-Churn Salted Caramel Vegan “Ice Cream”

No ice cream maker? No problem! Whip up this cool and creamy vegan dessert made with coconut milk and Dream’s new Ultimate Almond.

Chocolate Pecan Monkey Bread

Butter, sugar, biscuit dough, and chocolate. We’re sold! Here’s how to make this chocolate and nut filled monkey bread.

Easy One Bowl Lemon Cake

A perfect dessert for spring, this bright lemon cake can be made and glazed in a flash.

Easy Puff Pastry Donuts

Fried dough? Count us in! Check out this easy process for making cinnamon-sugar donuts.

Trail Mix Cookies

Favorite sweet and salty flavors of trail mix make their way into soft cookie dough. We will never look at the outdoor snack the same!

Smitten Ice Cream Makes Its Way to Los Angeles

Honest Cooking’s got a treat for you! We’ve combined forces with Smitten Ice Cream and present to you the recipe for their seasonal blood orange with pistachio cookies topped with a strawberry prosecco sauce.

Ultimate Homemade Donuts

These yeasted donuts have just the right amount of springy, sweetness that you crave from a good donut. Make them for yourself at home.

The Ultimate Rich Chocolate Cake

If you’re a serious chocolate lover that adores a classic chocolate cake this is for you. Soft, decadent, and rich, this is the ultimate chocolate cake.

Perfecting the Fruit Crumble

A crumble is the perfect way to feature whatever fruit is in season, from apples to berries. Here is the perfect formula to have on hand, simply insert your fruit of choice.

Orange Blossom Meringues in Seconds

Be inspired by this quick snapshot of how to make beautiful orange blossom meringues for a plated dessert.

Homemade Soft Serve Ice Cream

There’s nothing quite like creamy, light soft serve ice cream on a warm day. Without a fancy machine, recreate the classic chain restaurant dessert in your own home with regular ingredients.

Buttery Pâte Brisée Dough

Grandma makes the best pie crust, but it is time to perfect the recipe. Play around with fats and keep the ingredients cold to create flaky crust dough.

Homemade Chewy Starburst Candy

You will probably adore this homemade Starburst candy more than the chewy original, but of course this version has better ingredients and will be fresh.

Strawberry Cheesecake Jars

A creamy cheesecake mousse is layered with biscuit crumbs and strawberries for a beautiful dessert that doesn’t require the oven.

How to Make Buttery Kouign-Amann

Made with a buttery, laminated, yeast dough, like croissants, the Kouign-Amann is a delightful pastry. Sweet and salty with plenty to of delicious flake.

The Secrets to Perfect Crème Brûlée

Learn how to make the smoothest custard center with a crunchy, unburned sugary crust.

Fluffy Black Pepper Soufflé

Sweet and savory, learn how to create this tall, flecked soufflé dessert. This dazzling dessert is an impressive kitchen feat or skill to master and have forever.

Homemade Bounty Bars

Learn how to make the chocolate and coconut candy bar, but with all natural ingredients.

Make Nut Butter Toffee

Sea salt brightens this rich nut butter candy that is flecked with coconut flakes and sweetened with honey.

Gathering Maple Syrup for Apple Butter

From the tree to the bottle, see a small part of the maple process and enjoy the fresh syrup in a delicious apple butter.

The Story of a Candy Farmer

Snowshoe Candy Co. in Omaha was started by a farmer who wanted a project during off season. She spends her winters making candies when not growing veggies.

Blood Orange Marmalade with Cinnamon

In the winter, sometimes citrus is our only option when it come to the freshest fruits. Try canning marmalade this winter complete with fiber-rich chia.

A Delicious Duo: Mast Brothers Chocolate

The Brooklyn been-to-bar chocolate makers are not only business partners, but brothers too. Get an inside look at their amazing chocolate.

Personal Maple Pecan Cakes

The small cakes are simple to make and will be mixed and out of the oven in less than an hour. Enjoy the warm and nutty flavors of winter with this dessert.

Skillet Soda Bread

A comforting food that is best served warm with a slab of butter, try this simple soda bread with a hot mug of tea.

Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake

Before this cake is flipped, apples are nestled into a bottom layer of caramel and then topped with a simple, sweet batter. Serve warm with ice cream.

Lovely Lemon Tart With The Cook’s Atelier

The Cook’s Atelier, a small cooking school, wine shop, and culinary center in Beaune, France, places importance on the freshest ingredients, and patience.

Winter Baba au Rum

Yeast-raised sweet breads are great to cozy up with during the winter. Mix in dried fruits and soak in rum syrup after baking for a fun treat.

Gray Day Baking: Orange Cake

Whether it is cold or rainy, baking takes the chill out and adds a sweetness to the day. Try this recipe for a bundt cake on your next afternoon inside.

Perfecting Crème Brûlée

Once you have it down you will be craving to hear that perfect crack as your spoon dips into the crust of caramelized sugar and dives into the custard below

Cranberry and Pistachio White Chocolate

Perfect for entertaining, this candy is simple and sweet with only four ingredients.

Indoor S’mores Cupcakes

Forgo the waiting in the cold by the bonfire for the sticky sweet treat. Keep warm inside and enjoy the classic favorite with a fall or winter twist.

Apple Fritter Video Recipe
An Apple Fritter A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Learn how to make autumn a bit warmer and sweeter with these scrumptious apple fritters. The fritters are rolled in cinnamon sugar and fried to perfection.

How to Make an Autumn Galette

The beauty of a galette is that it doesn’t require precision to make a beautiful tart. Gather your favorite fall apple and create this simple dessert.

Molten Chocolate Soufflé

Learn how to master the iconic soufflé and then top it off with a crème anglaise.

Late Night Snack: Cinnamon Chocolate Cakes

Small cakes flecked with pecans and sprinkled with raspberry-lime salt are the perfect cure for sleepless blues.No baking required.

From Tree to Table: Autumn Apple Crumble

All you need for this crumble is the best apples around. Chop the fruit, add flour, sugar, butter and spices and get a kitchen that smells like heaven.

Chestnut Mousse Filled Lemon Thyme Shortbreads

Delicate shortbread tartlets with a hint of herby-citrus is filled to the brim with rich chestnut mousse.

Churro and Chocolate Time

Deep fried, sugary dough plunged in to smooth dark chocolate sauce may be just the pick-me-up you need. What’s not to love?

Layered Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberry Jam

This multi-layered chocolate cake is fit for a royal occasion. Or make it simply for fun and decadent consumption.