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Smitten Ice Cream Makes Its Way to Los Angeles

Smitten Ice Cream Makes Its Way to Los Angeles

Honest Cooking’s got a treat for you! We’ve combined forces with Smitten Ice Cream and present to you the recipe for their seasonal blood orange with pistachio cookies topped with a strawberry prosecco sauce.  

Blood Orange Ice Cream with Strawberry Prosecco Sauce from Honest Cooking on Vimeo.

With the idea of using simple ingredients and inventing a liquid nitrogen, flash freezing ice cream maker, Smitten Ice Cream was born. Having left it’s heart in San Francisco, Smitten has made its way to Los Angeles, satisfying our craving for incredibly smooth, classic and creative flavors, just in time for the sooner-than-expected warm days ahead. We had so much fun at Smitten learning about how they make their seasonal blood orange and pistachio cookie ice cream with prosecco sauce and let us tell you, it is INCREDIBLE! If you have the opportunity, go check out their shop ASAP!

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