Anja & Sandra Dear

Two vegan sisters with a passion for food and photography.

Cardamom-Pear Cake

Super moist and flavor-packed recipe for a Cardamom-Pear Cake with sweet honey.

Vegan Poutine Fries

With a vegan gravy and a homemade vegan parmesan-like cheese made from cashews, these vegan poutine fries are sure to satisfy.


How to Grind Your Own Garam Masala

Learn how to make your own garam masala from spices you already have. Plus, if you’re using fresh spices you’re grinding yourself, the spice blend will be that much more flavorful.

Raw Nut Brownies and Ganache

Sea salt, walnuts and rich cocoa nibs are just some of the ingredeints that make up these raw nut brownies that are glazed with a tantalizing ganache and are the perfect energizing bite.


Lentil and Beet Sliders

These vegetarian sliders are loaded with lentils and beets and topped with avocado, sprouts and a tahini sauce to be a colorful stack.


Raspberry Chocolate Cups

These rich raspberry chocolate cups are just the right sweet and tart, a perfect snack or stunning dessert that can be made in about 30 minutes.


Basil Pesto Linguini with Cherry Tomatoes

Trying to plan your weeknight dinner? Want it to be simple but still have all the flavor? Let’s guess – you want it to take no more than 20 mins to make? Try this basil pesto with linguini and enjoy your evening with plenty of time before bed!

Fresh Strawberry Liqueur

Don’t let this summer’s strawberries go to waste. If you have leftovers you don’t know what to do with, just throw them towards this recipe!


Oat Milk Chai Latte

This vegan-friendly chai latte switches up the original recipe, with oat milk and black tea.

Chocolate Coconut Mousse Crêpe Cake

This many-layer crêpe is filled with a coconut chocolate mouse and topped with whipped coconut cream and fruit. It is light, sweet, and just so happens to be dairy-free, too.