Super Bowl

Chicken Wings Parmesan
Baked Garlic-Parmesan Chicken Wings

These Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings are perfect for appetizers or dinner.

Epic Layered Dips for the Super Bowl

Loaded with meat or cheese or straight up colorful veggies, these multi-layered dips are the perfect appetizers to serve at your Super Bowl party. Get dipping!

4 Finger-Lickin’ Super Bowl Bites Made Extra Flavorful with Soy Sauce

Soy sauce brings more than a salty flavor to a dish, it packs rich, umami notes that can’t be beat. Check out these four flavorful Super Bowl foods made even better thanks to soy sauce.

10 Delicious Things to Make with Guacamole

Guacamole. It’s great for game day dip, but it can be used for so much more than that. Check out these delicious dips, wraps and apps to make with guacamole.

Maple and Whiskey Chicken Wings

The sauce that coats these crispy wings is a lovely combination of maple syrup, whiskey, vinegar, gochujang, and brown sugar. Sweet, spicy and interesting.

Sandwiches to Snacks: Super Bowl Foods that Play Well with Wine

For us, the Super Bowl is actually all about food. Rather than filling up on beer and only beer, we’ve mapped out favorite game-day bites, simple to time-consuming, that are perfect with Cavit wines.

Expert Tips on Simplifying Your Hosting Style

Sometimes less is more.

Stout Beer Chili

On a cold winter day, a group of friends gathered for a chili cook-off. The winner’s bold and complex flavors stole the show.

Jalapeno Popper BItes Recipe
Jalapeño Popper Puffs

Jalapeños, loads of cheese, and bacon are nestled in a square of puff pastry for the perfect winter or game day bite, paired easily with a glass of wine.

Baked Shrimp Toast

A dim sum favorite. Simple to make and better for you when baked to golden brown perfection. They’re crispy and shrimpy – just the way they should be!

Roasted Cauliflower and White Bean Hummus

Hard to resist Roasted Cauliflower and White Bean Hummus makes the perfect midday snack.

Cauliflower Quinoa and Spinach Soup

All you need is this bowl of Cauliflower, Quinoa and Spinach Soup and you have super food in a bowl.

Roasted Grape and Balsamic Reduction Crostini

A bold sweet and savory appetizer, roasted grape crostini with a balsamic reduction and creamy ricotta is a wonderful winter bite.

Easy Clean Up Super Bowl Foods for Every Appetite

It is time to map out the game plan. We’re here to help you chow down until the final touch down.

The Best Recipes for Football Season

Football season is in full swing. Ditch the store-bought chips and salsa, and opt for these dishes instead—they’re a guaranteed win.

Snickers Caramel Corn

Sweet and salty Snickers caramel corn has everything that is in the candy bar chocolate, caramel, and peanuts, but in one delicious snack.

Baubles Party Mix

A poppable snack with a whimsical appearance, but with ingredients and flavors that hold a bold trump card.

Super Bowl Spread: Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots

No matter which team you root for, satisfy all your Superbowl Sunday guests with this roundup of Seattle and New England specialties.

chicken kebob recipe
Game Day Winner: Chicken Cherry-Teri Kebobs

Make-ahead chicken-cherry kebobs for at least 24 hours and it’s ready for half-time.

White Bean & Chicken Chili Blanca Recipe
Chef Cat Cora’s Game Day White Bean & Chicken Chili Blanca

Chili blanca is a hearty, spicy, and satisfying stew that is a given in houses on game days.

Greek Nachos Recipe
Chef Cat Cora’s Greek Style Nachos

Celebrity chef and football fan Cat Cora puts a Mediterranean twist on the standard “sports fare” nacho.

Super Bowl Recipes
8 Unexpected Super Bowl Dishes That Feed a Crowd

Check out these ideas for a smooth Super Bowl party that can be prepared or ordered ahead, so you can spend Sunday watching the game.

Sticky Chicken Wings Recipe
My Little SoHo Kitchen – Sticky Garlic Chicken Wings

Add a little stickiness to your next party with these delicious sticky garlic chicken wings.

The Ultimate Burger Condiment – White Truffle Sabayon

Wilson Mak with a decadent condiment that takes a hamburger to a whole new dimension.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

Honey and molasses provide sweetness and chilies bring the heat in these addictive chicken wings while a unique cooking method keeps them healthier than frying.

Peanut Butter Panko-Crusted Chicken Wings
Peanut Butter Panko-Crusted Chicken Wings

The creamy texture and nutty, semi-sweet flavors of the natural peanut butter combined with the spicy, tangy and slightly acidic hot sauce is nothing short of perfection.

Super Spicy and Normal Spicy Buffalo Hot Wings
Super Spicy and Normal Spicy Buffalo Hot Wings

These wings are marinated in pickle brine for a unique flavor profile, and two levels of hot sauce let you pick your heat intensity.

Pork Burgers with Grilled Apple and Cheddar
Pork Burgers with Grilled Apple and Cheddar

These alternatives to traditional burgers are full of seasonal flavors like dried thyme and grilled apples.

The Ultimate Man Burger
The Ultimate Man Burger

No Labor Day barbecue would be complete without a great, classic burger.

Chimichurri Wings
Chimichurri Wings

A mix of parsley, cilantro, red pepper flakes, garlic and a healthy dose of olive oil makes these wings crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Smoked Boston Butt BBQ Burger
Smoked Boston Butt BBQ Burger

These are juicy, smoky, salty, spicy… Everything a great barbeque burger should be.

Super Bowl Taco Recipe
10 Perfect Super Bowl Recipes

Get ready to cook up a Super Bowl win this Sunday with this roundup of our favorite Super Bowl recipes.

Football Food Potato Skins Recipe
Football Recipe – Chili Stuffed Potato Skins

If you are more interested in the food than the football, this recipe is definitely for you.

Chili Cornbread Cobbler
Chili Cornbread Cobbler

Dress up your pot of chili and pan of cornbread by transforming the duo into a savory cobbler.