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10 Weird but Awesome Things to Deep Fry

10 Weird but Awesome Things to Deep Fry

Deep Fried Foods

Deep fried food is comforting, filling, and versatile. Here are ten fried foods that are uncommon, but must be tried. Don’t wait until the next county fair to taste the deliciously greasy treats.

While deep frying is smelly and requires proper disposal of the leftover oil, it is fairly easy to accomplish. Once you have your favorite coating batter nailed down, dip on! An important lesson we have learned from this article: anything you love can be dipped, fried, and taste ten times better. Crisp away.

1. Jelly Beans
Common at the Springfield, Massachusetts fair, plus many others, the flavored beans are mixed in with funnel cake batter and deep fried. The big question is, can you guess the bean flavor once it is fried?


2. Guacamole
This is just like guacamole dip and chips in one round, bite-sized piece. Mix up your seasoned avocado recipe, chill, roll into balls, dip in crushed chips, and fry!


3. Cadbury Cream Egg
If you try this, it will permanently become a new staple on your Easter menu. Unwrap, coat in flour, then batter, and fry. Then comes the hardest part, being able to resist eating all of the eggs at once. They’re salty, and the chocolate is just warm enough to be soft, with an oozing, creamy filling poking its way out in between it all.


4. Beer & Cola
Oil and water do not mix, but you can fry some liquids. Cooking the beer to a syrup form makes it the perfect filling for deep fried pouches of dough. Similarly, cola that is fried can simply be incorporated into a batter, balled, and fried. Try topping them with a splash of the beverage and some whipped cream.



5. Flowers
Whether is is fragrant rose petals, whole orchids, or savory onion or zucchini blossoms this fried food is much lighter than most.


6. Butterballs
Butter fried in oil, what could be better than that? The Texas State Fair has literally destroyed tastebuds with this addictive food. Roll and chill whipped butter, dip in a sweetened batter, fry, and die a little on the inside with each tempting bite.


7. Bacon
Similar to a crispy, fried chicken batter, deep fried bacon is irresistible. There is nothing healthy about it, but if served with gravy it is almost like having a complete meal.

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8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
The favorite cookie, all gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside. So the next time you make cookies, save some of the dough, batter and fry it. You won’t be sorry.


9. Sauerkraut
To keep the balls together, a touch of Russian dressing or cheese is added to the fried delights. For full on satisfaction, serves with bratwurst, either on the side or dare we say, cut and rolled into the batter dipped balls.


10. Tarantulas
So maybe you shouldn’t try this one. Perhaps it be left for your imagination or a dare. However, when it comes to fried bugs, tarantulas are rumored to be the best. Their chitin layer is rather thin so they are not unbearably crunchy and there is plenty of meat on the invertebrates to satisfy hunger. Continue at your own risk.


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  • My Grandfather used to make us fried zucchini blossoms in the 50s and 60s on Long Island. He grew lots of zucchini plants. I used to pick them with him as a little kid. He would tell me to only pick the male flowers as the female can still produce fruit.. 60 years later I still grow my own zucchini here in Arizona. And i only pick the large male flowers you can freeze them for later use and they still taste great. I keep bagfuls of them in my freezer for appetizers. Some stay together and can be fried whole. Most of them break up though. but no problem there as i put them in a batter and fry them up as squash flower fritters.
    they puff up as they are frying and are light and a touch of heaven. I am going to try the fried guacamole, which sounds great. As for the Oil. As long as you do not fry fish in the oil, you can reuse it for a week or two. You can clarify it by frying some potato pieces and straining the oil of any bits of food. It will break down after 9 or 10 fryings. that is when you put it into a bag and put it into the trash. i make my own tater tots and fry them on saturday and sunday for breakfast. (rest of the week is whole grain cereal) The oil can be put into an old coffee can and into the fridge for the next weekend.

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