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Our Most Recent Recipes

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Decadent Desserts!

A Work of Delicious Art: Cameo Crème Brûlée By Chef Igor Grishechkin

There are crème brûlées that are delicious. And then there are crème brûlées that are genuine works of art. The first mention of crème brûlée in a book was in France, in…

Perfect the Princess Cake with Chef Emma Bengtsson

Get your oven mitts ready to finally perfect the Swedish Princess Cake with the help of two Michelin Starred Chef Emma Bengtsson. Except for the Swedes, apparently the Princess Cake is hard…

Trinidad Black Rum Cake for the Holidays

Every December the whiff of brandy and rum circulates my apartment. While the pine tree scent marks your glad tidings. The scent of my aunt’s rum cake marks the start of mines.…

Toasted Coconut Pavlovas

Toasted Coconut Mini Pavlovas with Coconut Custard! Crisp meringue nests house a creamy coconut custard filling in these beautiful treats.