Maya Parson

Maya Parson entered the world of food journalism as an ice cream taste tester for her local newspaper at age eight. She later pursued a career in cultural anthropology – happily feasting on farm cheeses, fresh corn tortillas and a lot of rice and beans during her field research in Central America. Maya eventually settled in the other “central America” – the U.S. Midwest – where she enjoys cooking with farm-fresh foods and writing about food, culture and the culinary arts. She is the editor of Edible Michiana Magazine and can also be found on her blog, Cultured Grub.

Summer Fruit Galettes

The beauty of a galette is its simplicity and flexibility. It’s fast and it’s not fussy like a pie and honestly, it is perfect for summer fruit.

Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz: The Storyteller

At his Chicago restaurant, Alinea, Grant Achatz creates innovative food that challenges patrons’ expectations while remaining grounded in something relatable.

Apple Cake

Apple Tea Cake

You can have this perfectly moist and lovely apple cake on your table in just over a half hour. A deliciously simple and homey dessert!

Cocktail Carrots

Ingredient Oracle – Cocktail Carrots

Cocktail Carrots are super easy to make and take only a couple hours to pickle in the fridge. Make them earlier in the day and you have an instant appetizer to offer your guests while dinner cooks.

Nashville Capri Salad

This stack of layered yellow zucchini, heirloom red tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and basil pesto is the result of market inspiration.