Reena Pastakia

Reena grew up thinking Indian cooking was a dark art where the quantities of spices required in each dish were innately known to a chosen few. It was only after she married an Englishman with a voracious appetite for Indian food that she started phoning home for cooking tips. She started her blog ( in an attempt to document her family’s recipes and make Indian cooking accessible to all.

Tandoori Asparagus

The asparagus season is short-lived, so take advantage of creating simple yet flavorful dishes with them while they last!

Sultana Rye Cookies with Lemon

Sultanas are similar to white grape raisins. Mixed in an earthy rye dough with lemon zest, the cookies are delicious as dessert or served as a tea biscuit.

Lemon Pickles

It is sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time and complements cheese and pasta as well as curries.  It really is sunshine in a jar.

Egg Bhajia

Egg Bhajia

This is a vegetarian version of a scotch egg with a layer of mashed potatoes between the crispy crust and the hard boiled egg.

Rocky Road Candies

Rocky Road Candies

The trick to elevating these treats above your normal store bought candy is to splurge for high-quality chocolate.