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Stockholm’s Hot New Restaurant: Videgard and their Recipe for Sake-Braised Short Ribs

Stockholm’s Hot New Restaurant: Videgard and their Recipe for Sake-Braised Short Ribs

One of the most highly anticipated restaurants in Stockholm this year is Videgard. Check out their recipe for sake-braised short ribs.

The Mastermind behind some of Sweden’s most revered restaurants and apparently the man responsible for bringing Asian cuisine to Sweden is behind this exciting new restaurant, Erik Videgard.

The escalators leading to the restaurant feel like you are entering a private night club. But on the other side of the ‘rope’ is a destination for foodies.

The cuisine is Peruvian meets Japanese, otherwise known as Nikkei cuisine.

The chef is Ludvig Flyckt who would easily fool you into believing he is ‘Asian’ with his excellently cooked rice, fresh seafood and of course beautiful presentation of dishes.

For those who can not make it to Stockholm, here is a recipe by Chef Ludvig to get you there. #FOMO


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Sakebraised Shortribs

Dashi 1500 gr
Saké 150 gr
Light soy 200 gr
Dark soy 40 gr
Mirin 150 gr
Brown Sugar 75 gr
Garlic 25 gr
Star anise 1 piece
Big red chili 40 gr
Daikon 200 gr
Japanese rice 50 gr
Shortribs 1000 gr
Carrots 150 gr
Yellow onion 150 gr
Chestnuts 150 gr
1. Mix dashi, sake, soy, mirin, sugar, garlic, star anise and chili. Stir until sugar has
2. Add daikon and rice to a saucepan, cover with water, bring to a boil and let it simmer
for 5 minutes. Pick up the daikon and throw the rest.
3. Fry the ribs in a baking dish with some oil until it gets a golden brown color.
4. Pour off the oil add the daikon, carrots, onions and chestnuts.
5. Cover the baking dish with foil and allow to cook at 150 ° C for about 3 hours in the
oven. The meat must be tender but not falling apart.
6. Lift up the meat and let it rest, then let it cool.
7. Strain the cooking liquid, cool and remove the grease, then reduce until the liquid
becomes thicker.

Dashi nr. 1
Water 1200 gr
Konbu 30 gr
Bonito Flakes 25 gr
Dashi nr. 2
Water 1500 gr
Bonito Flakes 15 gr
1. Mix all the ingredients for the first dashi and let it simmer for about 1 hour.
2. Strain the liquid from the konbu and bonito flakes.
3. Mix the water and bonito flakes from dashi nr. 2 with the water from dashi nr. 1 and
let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
4. Strain the liquid from the bonito flakes and reduce to half.

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  • This is would be quite the mixing pot of culinary experiences. Never had a sushi donut but always wanted to try one. Atowle|

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