Three Great Views and Food Experiences in Switzerland that are Affordable

Switzerland can be notoriously expensive for both locals and tourists. But there are some great ‘free’ things to indulge in if you find yourself in Switzerland. Here are our favorites.

Lunch can set you back more than 30CHF and you might just get a sandwich and a coke (!) and dinner in a gourmet restaurant  by the lake could see you take out a another mortgage on your house… almost!

But there are some great ‘free’ things to indulge in if you find yourself in Switzerland.

Here are top three great activities with epic views and of course, nice food experiences

(NOTE – ‘free’ because you do have to be a guest of the hostel or eat at the restaurant to enjoy the view)

Lake Oeschinen, Kandersteg

Better than Lake Geneva and avoids the crowds around touristy Interlaken – Lake Oeschinen in Kandersteg is a wonderful hike ( if you are game) to a secret lake

Foodie Tip – Pick up some local cheese in a small shop by the train station ( Address Bahnhofstrasse 5, 3718, Kandesteg) and enjoy by the lake

Royal Savoy, Lausanne

One of the most luxurious hotels in Switzerland, the Royal Savoy is a place for celebrities. The SkyLounge which is open only during the Summer offers great 360 degree views of Lausanne, looking out into France.

Foodie Tip – The Restaurant has great share plates with local fish like the Char sashimi, scallops on hot stone and a modern-twist of fillet perch – a local favourite.

Wellness Hostel 4000 

Imagine whooshing down the slopes of Switzerland like James Bond and to land in your very own spa overlooking the Mountains of Switzerland … and yes, under budget ( CHF55 a night!)

The Wellness Hostel 4000 is a world first hostel located in the village of Saas-Fee with epic views from the state-of-the-art sauna.

Foodie Tip – The Restaurant 4000 offers local, regional cuisine to indulge in – including Schnapps to keep yourself warm!

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