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Merlot is Back! Celebrate Merlot Month

Merlot is Back! Celebrate Merlot Month

You might have a different opinion, but based on what we have been tasting, Merlot is back! It has returned from it’s boring, stuffy world to be bright, beautiful and interesting.

The noble grape is back in style and brings more diversity with it. Chris Carpenter, winemaker at La Jota Vineyard Co., is producing some great bottles made with the grape. Letting the terrior of the vineyards show, his work is interesting and a perfect example of where Merlot is headed.

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So this Merlot month, and really all of the fall and winter season, get back into Merlot. We started with the 2015 La Jota Howell Mountain Merlot ($85) and were not disappointed. It’s bright with red fruit notes and a balance of earthy hints to round out the wine. Drink it now or wait a few years, either way, this Merlot is dressed to impress.

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