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Lightly Smoked Trout by Chef Ernest Jagodzinski of Autentyk

Lightly Smoked Trout by Chef Ernest Jagodzinski of Autentyk


Autentyk is one of those restaurants you don’t want to share with other foodies but you know you have to because yes… it is a gourmet’s ultimate destination.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Ernest Jagodzinski one of Poland’s great chefs and stays true to its name. Autentyk, directly translated in English is Authentic and everything from the people you meet in restaurant, chef and of course ingredients used in his kitchen are truly real. Although you would not of guessed it as you sit patiently waiting for one dish after the other to stream out of the kitchen – you are in fact in Poland – in Poznan – the outer suburbs eating a meal which can easily rival a famous restaurant in culinary capital Copenhagen.

Autentyk by Chef Ernest Jagodzinski – you should visit… but if you can not – here is a tiny taste of what you are missing out on.

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As the restaurant promises, the restaurant uses ingredients from local producers like the trout from Zielenica in Poland.

Lightly Smoked Trout

Chef Ernest Jagodzinski
Course Main



  • Mango fresh 60g
  • Mango pure 10g
  • Passiflora pure 5g
  • fresh red chili 1g
  • coriander roots 5g
  • lemon olive oil 1tbspoon
  • Ponzu gel 15g
  • Ghoa cress form Koppert cress

Ponzu :

  • yuzu juice 50ml
  • lemon juice 50ml
  • Soya sauce 60ml
  • water 75ml
  • dashi 75ml
  • rice vinegar 75ml
  • brown sugar 25g
  • Thai red chili 1 pcs


  • Blend all together, and sieve the stock, boiled. add 3,5g of agar agar boiled 5 minutes and let it cool , after that mix in thermomixer
  • Take off the skin of the trout and cut into a portion.
  • Diced mango and chili. Coriander roots diced finely. Add pure of mango and passiflora and mixed gently. Put Lemon olive oil.


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