Joy Zhang

A 25 year-old free-lance photographer, home-chef and writer from Dallas, Texas, Joy finds inspiration for her photography and recipes through music, art and nature. Her work has been featured on Elle Girl Korea and Gourmet Live. Join her culinary adventures through her kitchen and discover fresh, simple and delicious recipes.

Ice Cream Rose Water Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes with fresh Raspberries, vanilla bean ice cream, a rose water crust and…

Salmon Burger

Salmon Burgers

A warm soft, crusty bun, a nice flavorful patty oozing with juicy goodness and that magical condiment that just brings it all together.

Honey Lavender Popsicles

A lighter ice cream in popsicle form where the sugar and cream is replaced with honey and a bit of condensed milk.