Carly DeFilippo

Carly is a Contributing Writer at Honest Cooking. Though the first line of her college application essay was "I love tunafish," it wasn't until she pursued graduate studies in Paris that she ever considered a future in food. Based in Manhattan, Carly is a freelance writer and the co-founder of Cognoscenti Creative, a boutique branding agency dedicated to establishing artisans as influencers.

Charred Ramp with Ricotta on Toast

While many mark spring by the first blossoms of crocuses and daffodils, for me it has always been the season of weird, wild, green things. From sorrel to green garlic, lambs quarters to fava beans, indulge in spring’s catwalk of here-then-gone harvests.

A New Take on Farm-to-Table: North River, NYC

In New York City, there’s no lack of chefs who profess a passion for local, quality ingredients. But on the menu at East Village newcomer North River, there’s not a leaf of kale in sight.

5 Experts Tips for Aspiring Food Entrepreneurs

Pitch Me: How to turn your love for food into a successful culinary business: recognize your brand, put everything down on paper, Everything has a “sell by” date, know your audience, consider your timing.

Kimchi Soup

Kimchi Soup

Feel free to add extra heat, protein or whatever else strikes your fancy to this awesome recipe.

Freshly Fried Egg Rolls

Carly DeFilippo’s mother may be Italian, but its her Chinese egg rolls that keep family and friends coming back for more.