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Grand Central Market Los Angeles: Eggslut

This cleverly named restaurant in downtown LA had us waiting in line for breakfast three mornings in a row. Here’s why, and it’s not just the name.

Restaurant David Toutain, Paris

Enjoy of meal of the senses at David Toutain in Paris, France. No need to break the bank to try some delicious food, €42 can buy you a gourmet meal.

Bizarro McDonald’s

Farmhouse Tap & Grill in Burlington, Vermont, is housed in a repurposed McDonald’s, but the food served here couldn’t be further from Golden Arches cuisine.

A New Take on Farm-to-Table: North River, NYC

In New York City, there’s no lack of chefs who profess a passion for local, quality ingredients. But on the menu at East Village newcomer North River, there’s not a leaf of kale in sight.

Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz: The Storyteller

At his Chicago restaurant, Alinea, Grant Achatz creates innovative food that challenges patrons’ expectations while remaining grounded in something relatable.