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A Photo Tour of Montana’s Trail House: Brooklyn, NY

A Photo Tour of Montana’s Trail House: Brooklyn, NY

In their rustic space in Bushwick, Montana’s Trail House creates famed cocktails, “mountain” sodas, and nose-to-tail dishes all made with locally farmed ingredients. Take a visual tour and try not to drool.
By Nicholas Doyle

Check out their full menu here.

MTH Exterior-1

MTH Interior-4

MTH Interior-1

Autumn Harvest Plate

Autumn Harvest Plate featuring seasonal vegetables and a Johnny cake.

Trail House Beans

Trail House Beans with brisket ends, country ham, and bread.

Slow Roasted Beets

Slow roasted beets with squash puree, sunchoke, and sage gremolotta.

Barnyard Trout

Barnyard trout with country ham and watercress.

Root Beer Braised Brisket

Root Beer Braised Brisket: Anson Mills rice grits, mustard greens, horseradish.

Salmon Pastrami

Salmon pastrami with potato bread.

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Night Tripper with Food

Night Tripper: Tequila, Yellow Charteuse, House-Made Cinnamon-Vanilla Cranberry Grenadine, Lime and Trail House Charred Cedar & Sage Bitters Shaken & Served up

Granny Witch-1

Granny Witch: Rum, Lime, Honey, with Mint & House-Made Apple Butter Shaken & Served on the rocks

Natural Twenty

Natural Twenty: Brown Butter Bourbon, Rhum Clement Creol Shrubb, Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters Stirred & Served on the rocks

Montana’s Trail House
445 Troutman
Brooklyn, New York
917 966 1666

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