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The Best of Fried Chicken

July 6th is Fried Chicken Day and how could we not celebrate? Everyone has a recipe for their favorite crispy, fried chicken whether it is deep-fried, baked, gluten-free or brined. Here are some of our finger-licking favorites. Grab a napkin, whip up your favorite sides and celebrate the day in delicious style.

Apple-y Ever After Oatmeal

Once upon a time there was a lonely bowl of plain oats. This is not a fairy tale story, but after eating this oatmeal you will be tOATally satisfied.

All About Pickle Making

Cucumbers are in season and they are plentiful. Try making pickles with fresh herbs, chilies, and your favorite spices three different ways.

Ten Creative Pasta Salads

Pasta salad is summer’s best friend. Before your next barbecue make your favorite pasta with seasonal produce and dressing and add it to the day’s menu.