Paduan Pepper Pasta
Doing Pasta Right With A Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Chef Dennis K Littley serves up a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, and a suggestion on how to create a delicious Paduan Chicken And Shrimp Pasta.

Clafoutis, The Ultimate Dessert?

Simone Van Den Berg discovers Clafoutis, and decides it might just be the ultimate dessert.

Brownie Bites
Chocolate Brownie Bites

Don’t tell anyone that these Chocolate Brownie Bites are really Vegan Date Nut Truffles before they have actually tried them.

Coffee Foundry Bolivian Fair Trade
Mugged In NYC: Coffee Foundry’s Bolivian Fair Trade

Bill Walsh explores a bag of Bolivian Fair Trade Coffee from the West Village in NYC that scores pretty well in the coffee and tea index.

Whole Milk Biscuits
Whole Milk Biscuits

Nancy Lopez-McHugh with her take on the American version of the British scone. Perfect for the breakfast table, and a great match for the afternoon tea

Hilo: Discovering Umami In Small Town Hawai’i

Denise Sakaki travels to The Islands Of Aloha to discover the fifth taste of the often overlooked city of Hilo.

French Sauce Verte Recipe
How to Make Sauce Verte

Honest Cooking loves all things green. Like this Sauce Verte for instance, made the old fashioned way.

Cooking The Magazines: Edamame Succotash

Natalie McLaury decides to force winter out, with this summery recipe from Cooking Light.

Weekend: Morning Glory Muffins

A perfect name for the perfect breakfast muffins. Laura Davis with a recipe that is just what you need to start your day.

Healthy Chicken Fajita Wraps

Nancy Lopez-McHugh with a modern take on the classic Chicken Fajita that’s both fresher, leaner and quicker than the traditional version.

Blueberry Bread
Gluten-Free Blueberry Coconut Bread

As spring is closing in, Christine Curran finds herself drawn to everything blueberry. And with this great recipe, how can anyone not?

Weekend Breakfast: Triple Cheese And Spinach Strata

Laura Lewis serves up a decadent breakfast casserole filled with all the good stuff you need to start your weekend the right way.

Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani

Packed with flavors, try this wonderful classic Indian Chicken Biryani tonight. From Alida Ryder.

Shanghai: Cha And Living

Our Shanghai correspondent checks out the interior store-slash-tea house Cha & Living, and finds it the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon.

Enchiladas With Pumpkin Sauce
Enchiladas With Pumpkin Sauce

Brady Evans doesn’t live anywhere close to a place that serves a decent enchilada with pumpkin sauce, so she takes matters into her own hands

French Sugar Brioche Cake
Tarte au Sucre: Sugar Brioche Cake From Northern France

Our Paris correspondent Hervé Palmieri serves up a lovely northern specialty that has very little in common with the Canadian version.

Haxe By Urz Kuckerts Honest Cooking
Deutschlicious: German Schweinhaxe Explained

Our Berlin correspondent Steen Hanssen and Hawaii based photographer Urs Kuckertz team up to explain the marvelous German tradition of eating volleyball sized roast pork knuckles.

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Casserole
St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Casserole

To be able to get through a whole day of St. Patrick’s celebrations, you’ll need to start off with a solid breakfast. Kelsey Hilts has the recipe.

Walnut Berry Ricotta Tart Recipe
Walnut and Coconut Crusted Berry Ricotta Tart

This tart is not overly sweet, but full of natural goodness. The flavors of coconut, ricotta, walnuts and berries pair wonderfully.

Pig of the Week
Chop Of The Morning To Ya – Welcome To Pig Of The Week

Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen is a lover of all things swine, which is why we have given him his own column on the subject.

Detox Smoothie By Tamara Novacoviç
Detox Smoothie Recipe

Tamara Novakoviç gives advice on how to manage human spring cleaning this year with the help of a lovely detox smoothie.

Gazpacho and Manzanilla
How To Pair Wine With Food

The wine dogmas of back in the day are long dead, and instead it is now the flavor of the food that decides what wine to drink with it.

Tilapia Gyros
Cooking the Magazines: Broiled Tilapia Gyros

Natalie McLaury’s first Cooking The Magazines post is a light, fast and easy gyros dish.

On Keith Richards And Meatless Shepherd’s Pie

Inspired by Keith Richards, and his unknown culinary skills, Joana Mendes sets out to create the perfect meatless Shepherd’s Pie.

Cheesy Broccoli Rabe Pastry Buns
Cheesy Broccoli Rabe Pastry Buns

A delightful dish that works equally well as an hors d’oevre, fresh side dish or as the centerpiece of a brunch plate.

chiang mai khao soi noodles
Chiang Mai, Thailand: Life and Flavor in Balance

Our Bangkok correspondent Jessica Smith travels to Chiang Mai, and shares the city’s famous noodles.

French Radish and Goat Cheese Tartines
French Radish and Goat Cheese Tartines

Enjoy French radishes with just a little salt and butter, or as the crowning jewel atop these lovely goat cheese tartines.

How to Make Coconut Bread Recipe
Coconut Bread

This bread is delicious on its own, but if you want to go decadent  – top it with lime curd or a dab of butter, and some toasted coconut.

Tuscan Apple Tart
How to Make Tuscan Apple Tart

Springtime in Tuscany is best enjoyed on a sidewalk café in Florence. But if you can’t make it there, you can get a bite of it with this fantastic apple tart.

Photo provided by adicto on Flickr
Why You Should Have A Beer Instead Of Wine With Your Next Meal

Eli Shayotovic welcomes back a vital American brewery industry, and gives us a classic chili recipe to get us started with beer and food pairing.

South African Malva Pudding
How to Make South African Malva Pudding

Our South African correspondent Alida Ryder takes a trip down memory lane, shares fond memories of family Sunday lunches.

Albondigas Recipe
Muy Bueno Albondigas

Veronica Gonzales-Smith from The Muy Bueno Cookbook shares one of her secret family recipes. We say Muchas Gracias

Chinatown Coffee Co
DC’s Chinatown Coffee Co. Will Shanghai Your Tongue

Bill Walsh stops by Chinatown Coffee Co. in Washington DC, and is so impressed with the coffee served that he gives it a top rating.

Sensememory By Denise Sakaki
Sense Memory: In The Kitchen With Cook & Blogger Eric Rivera

Denise Sakaki meets food blogger and cook Eric Rivera, and talks about his upcoming internship at the best restaurant in the world. Among other things.

Hummus without Tahini
How to Make Easy Hummus Without Tahini

If you have a hard time finding tahini, don’t worry. Using this recipe, you will get an absolutely delicious hummus anyway.

Chicken Karaage Recipe
How to Make Chicken Karaage

It’s not that chicken karaage is better than your normal fried chicken. It’s that it is SO much better that ?the Colonel might just retire out of respect.

Milano: Trattoria Arlati – A Secret Gem

Trattoria Arlati is one of those restaurants you only share with people you know will appreciate it. People like you.

Welcome To Honest Cooking
Welcome To Honest Cooking

Honest Cooking Editor In Chief Kalle Bergman bids welcome from his favorite hot dog stand.

How to Make Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Try the classic Swedish cinnamon bun today, and immerse yourself in the traditional Swedish coffee ceremony called “fika”.