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Strawberry Banana Soy Breakfast Shake

Strawberry Banana Soy Breakfast Shake

Fresh Spring Strawberries

When spring finally arrives, Nancy Lopez-McHugh runs towards the produce aisle to get her hands on some fresh spring strawberries for the breakfast shake.
By Nancy Lopez-McHugh

Spring is in the air! For me spring is when everything starts to come back alive. It feels as though everyone is waking up from the long slumber of the cold winter. The days are getting longer, and here (in northern Europe) we are beginning to see the sun make more appearances. People seem to smile more, it’s definitely the effects of sunshine and warmer weather, I’m sure. My chile plant and rose bush are beginning to bloom, soon there will be chiles to spice up my food and mini roses to brighten my home. I can now hear the little birds singing their beautiful morning melodies, welcome back birdies.

Fresh Spring Strawberries

Another thing that awakens from the winter slumber is the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. No more root vegetables and no more boring fruit selections. The biggest sign (produce wise) that spring is on its way is the sudden appearance of strawberries. Large, bright red, sweet strawberries. Oh how I long for that sight all winter long. The taste smell and sight of strawberries will help awaken you from your deep winter slumber. Every spring I eat my weight (times one hundred) in fresh strawberries. I love to start my spring days with a strawberry milkshake, it’s healthy and the natural sugars give our bodies energy. Sometimes the milkshakes are made just with strawberries and other times (to keep it interesting) other fruits get added to the mix. Another variation I like to play with is the milk used. You can use soy, almond or regular milk and all will give you a delicious variation. Play around with the variations and let your mood or pantry decide how to get your spring morning off to a deliciously fruity start.

Strawberry Banana Soy Shake for Breakfast

makes 1 serving
6 large strawberries
1 small banana
1/2 cup or 118 ml soy/almond or regular milk
honey to taste, optional


1. Peel the banana and slice into 4 pieces, place inside blender. Remove the stem from the strawberries, cut in half and add to the blender. Next add the as much honey as you like. Then pour in the soy milk (or other milk choices) into blender.

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2. Blend until the fruit has broken down into a smooth thick mixture. If you would like a thinner smoothie feel free to add more soy milk.

Strawberry Banana Soy Shake for Breakfast

If you don’t fancy a milkshake for breakfast then enjoy it as an afternoon snack or pick-me-up. Now grab a good book, sit back near a bright sunny window and let the sweet fruit flavors fill your mouth. I can’t think of a better way to welcome the sunny days of spring, can you?

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