Brady Evans

Brady Evans is a cook who specializes in stretching cooking boundaries towards a more healthy lifestyle. She loves making recipes with unexpected ingredients and share her passion for cooking through her very successful and mostly-vegetarian blog, Branny Boils Over.

The Perfect Burger Bun

Why subject your perfectly grilled burger to store-bought buns this Labor Day weekend when you can bake your own at home?

Cookout Side Dish: Asian Slaw

This Asian slaw uses all the vegetables found in more traditional cole slaws, but sets itself apart from all the others at your Labor Day cookout with its vinaigrette dressing.

Whole Wheat Flatbreads

Brady Evans has a hard time finding some really good healthy bread alternatives in the grocery store, so she takes matters into her own hands.

Lentil Soup

Brady Evans realizes that there is usually a lot more food in the kitchen than you might be lead to believe.