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Brauts For Both Meateaters And Vegheads Alike

Brauts For Both Meateaters And Vegheads Alike

Even if you’re not a carnivore, there are plenty of reasons to break out the grill. Jerri Green tells more.
By Jerri Green

It is that time of year again. The weather is warm, the magnolias are blooming, baseball is being played…in short, it is time to break out the grill. Now, the carnivore and I grill nine months out of the year, but we do much more grilling this time of year.
I know what you are thinking, of course the carnivore loves his freshly grilled meat, but was do you grill for a vegetarian? The truth is you can grill a lot! This is just one example.

The carnivore has family from Chicago and has lived there himself, and thus loves a good braut. When we had a good friend and fellow Chicagoan over for dinner the other night I decided it would be a perfect time to make these sausages.

For the carnivore and our guest I got a package of beer brauts. For me (the vegetarian) I got a package of Tofurkey sausages. They can be found at most grocery stores. Even if you can only find the spicy Italian flavor, they will work just fine. While the carnivore grilled both kinds of brauts, I sliced and sauteed some green peppers and red onions inside. Please note – the carnivore sprays the grill and the fake brauts with non-stick spray before he puts it on the grill. He also keeps it in a separate area and uses different tongs for my meatless dogs. Finally, he toasted our whole wheat sesame buns towards the end. In a short time our sausages were ready! I had a soysage with veggies, our guest had a real braut with the fixins, the carnivore had a naked braut – and we were all happy.

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So the next time you have a vegetarian over, don’t discount grilling out and having some of your traditional summer favorites. These sausages are an easy and filling grilling idea that satisfies both carnivores and vegetarians alike.

P.S. If you are wondering, the real braut is on the left and the soy one is on the right in the picture.

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