Challah French Toast Sticks

Topped with caramelized bananas, these challah French toast sticks are perfect for a weekend morning when you have more time to whip up a fancy-feeling breakfast.

Baked Blueberry and Bacon Pancakes

Feed a breakfast crowd with these baked pancakes loaded with wild blueberry preserves, bacon and a hint of brie cheese.

Apricot-Filled Gluten Free Crepes

These grain and gluten free crepes are filled with sweet apricot preserves and are the perfect easy, but still special breakfast for Mother’s Day or any brunch occasion.

Cream Cheese and Raspberry Panini

This raspberry panini is pressed until crispy on the outside and filled with warm raspberry preserves and cream cheese on the inside. In only five ingredients and five minutes, you could have a delicious brunch treat.

Dill and Beet-Cured Gravlax

This beet-cured gravlax is made with horseradish and dill to give the salmon a stunning hue that is a perfect transition food with the root vegetables of winter and into the bright colors of spring.

Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

With fresh-squeeze Meyer lemon and zest in the batter, these poppy seed pancakes have a bright flavor that make us think of the coming spring. Layer your cakes with sweet lemon and cream cheese filling for a divine brunch treat.

Easy Potato Eggs Benedict

Try this eggs benedict recipe made in a potato cup with a silky saffron hollandaise that’s just as easy to make for six eaters or more, as it is for two.

Prosciutto and Spinach Frittata

For breakfast, brunch, or dinner, this frittata pack protein, salty prosciutto flavor and lots of spinach for a balanced bite.

Green Matcha Smoothie

Perfectly festive for St. Patrick’s Day, this delicious dairy-free breakfast or snack matcha smoothie is packed with fruit and a nutritious handful of spinach.

Easy Paleo Pancakes

Fluffy, light pancakes are easy to make without grains when you use tigernut flour, almond meal and beaten egg whites. Top them with nut or seed butters and berries for a special treat.

Layered Potato Quiche

For brunch or dinner, hot or cold, this stunning layered potato quiche is ready to be packed up for a spring picnic or enjoyed as a filling meal at home.

Light and Crispy Whole Grain Waffles

The perfect balance of crispy and light, while still being made with whole grains, these waffles a morning delight.

Banana Oat Pancakes

Made with whole wheat flour, maple syrup, bananas, and oats, these pancakes are healthful and easy to make in a big batch, cook and freeze until a busy morning when they are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

This is better than anything you will find in the store, a creamy, rich homemade chocolate hazelnut butter.

Blueberry Oatmeal with Maca Powder and Pecans

Chock-full of healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and fibre, this 10-minute vegan blueberry oatmeal with maca powder and pecans tastes just like blueberry pie. The ideal healthy oatmeal recipe for a nutritional powerhouse of a meal that still tastes like dessert.

Onion Rava Dosa – Indian Pancake

Onion Rava dosa (Indian Pancake variety) is a popular South Indian breakfast which is very easy to prepare.

Ten Ideas for a Cozy Breakfast in Bed

Pamper your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with a homemade breakfast in bed. It may require a bit of planning and setting your alarm a touch earlier, but do everything you can the night before and you will be on track to creating the best morning possible.

Creating the Ultimate Breakfast Bowls

From refreshing smoothies to hearty grains, check out these sweet and savory breakfast bowls. They’re sure to get you out of your boring morning rut.

Vegan Vanilla Acai Bowl
Vegan Vanilla Acai Bowl

Dive into this thick and creamy vibrant vanilla acai bowl made vegan and loaded with plenty of fun toppings.

Farro with Za’atar and Lemon Tahini Breakfast Bowl

These healthy and veggie-packed Farro Breakfast Bowls are full of flavor thanks to easy, make-your-own za’atar and a creamy lemon tahini sauce.

Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins

Humble, hearty, and nourishing, these Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins are more than just a sweet way to start your day–they’re an offering of love.

Berry Compote with Overnight Oats

The best part? You can prep it all the night before with minimal effort.

Prosciutto and Arugula Eggs Benedict

This Prosciutto & Arugula Eggs Benedict is a sophisticated, Italian twist on the original! Salty prosciutto and peppery, fresh arugula complement the classic poached egg and buttery hollandaise sauce.

8 New Winter Breakfast Ideas

Stuck in a morning routine you don’t love? Check out these seasonal winter breakfast ideas. Some are quick enough for a weekday and others call for a long weekend brunch to be truly enjoyed.

Chocolate Espresso Donuts Recipe
Chocolate Espresso Breakfast Donuts

These baked chocolate donuts have brewed espresso in the batter and chopped espresso beans on top of the rich, chocolate glaze. You can have your morning cup of coffee and eat it too!

Almond Joy Overnight Oats

Almond Joy Protein Overnight Oatmeal – only 5 minutes to prep and wake up to a delicious, healthy breakfast that’s packed with protein! (vegan + gluten-free)

4 Ways to Build Your Toast

Toast is a great addition for breakfast. You can add extra protein, fruit, fats or grains depending on how you eat your toast. We’re going to build your everyday toast 4 ways. While bread and butter are definitely a favorite, sometimes we have to change things up.

Healthy Kale Egg Breakfast Cups

These things are packed with flavor and healthy goodness. We’re talking kale, sun-dried tomatoes, spicy chicken sausage, mushrooms, and feta.

Breakfast Rituals Around The World

Meet Emily Miller, the mastermind behind Trends on Trends, a culinary forecasting agency and host to breakfast clubs around the country and beyond.

Making Authentic Italian Caffè with a Moka

Wake up and pretend you are in Italy with this beautiful guide on using a moka and making a cup of coffee.

Hash Browns with Gravy

Have a comforting breakfast today with hash browns, rich gravy, and runny yolk eggs.

Panettone French Toast

Use leftover panettone cakes to make french toast stuffed with mascarpone, chocolate, and drizzled with an orange syrup.

National French Toast Day: Sweet and Savory French Toast Recipes

Food holidays can be goofy, but that are almost always so delicious we can’t resist celebrating them. It’s hard to devote just one day to French toast, so why not plan two breakfasts or dinners this week featuring a sweet and then a savory version. Happy National French Toast Day!

Saturday Morning Cinnamon Pancakes with Icing

Great for a lazy and indulgent weekend morning, try this easy recipe for cinnamon pancakes with icing on top.

Grain Free Breakfast Cookies (AIP & Paleo)
Grain Free Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast cookies, because dessert first thing in the morning, even when its healthy, is pretty exciting.

Caramel Apple Overnight Oatmeal

Made with a caramel apple tea blend, this easy fall breakfast will keep you nourished until lunch. Simply combine, shake refrigerate until the morning.

Sunday Morning Spelt Apple Pancakes

Spelt Apple Pancakes. This recipe has all the flavors of apple pie, without the sugar.

Date Cocoa and Nut Truffles

What is great about energy bites is that they do not require any baking, they pack a bunch of protein and other good stuff to keep you going throughout the day, and they can be eaten for breakfast, snack, or dessert. This simple recipe calls for dates, coconut, and almond butter.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats
Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Apple Pie Overnight Oats are hearty, satisfying and oh so filling. Sweet, creamy and full of protein and fiber, this breakfast will keep you full until lunch! Easy to make in five minutes. {gluten free, vegan}

Gluten Free Apple Cider Doughnuts

Try these Gluten-Free Apple Cider Doughnuts, they are light, fluffy and full of fall apple cider flavor. You’ll never know they are gluten-free.

Pumpkin Spice Paleo Pancakes

It’s a breakfast-in-bed kind of Saturday. Make these delicious and nutrient dense paleo pancakes!

Easy Potato Omelette

Load your next omelette with hearty potatoes and onions for a simple, but so comforting bite.

Grab-n-Go Breakfast Quesadilla

Ah, the weekday mornings. Sometimes, you just have to get in your car and go! This easy bacon, eggs, and cheese quesadilla can be put in the freezer and reheated for those mornings you are in a rush.

Warm Farro with Cinnamon Apples Breakfast Bowl

This Warm Farro Breakfast Bowl with Cinnamon Apple recipe is made with sautéing apples with cinnamon, dried cranberries, and cooked farro until warmed through. It’s topped my bowls off with homemade quinoa crunch flavored with maple syrup and pecans. It could also be served cold with a little bit of almond milk. Either way, this is a great autumn breakfast bowl recipe that is not only delicious, but also healthy.

Strawberry Ginger Peach Bliss Bowl

Summer is still going on strong in some parts! Try to stay cool in these final warm summer days with this bowl frozen blend of strawberries, bananas, ginger, and peaches.

No Bake Coconut Coated Energy Bites

These Coconut Coated No Bake Energy Bites, with just prunes, almonds, chia seeds, and orange zest, are a quick and healthy snack or on-the-go breakfast!

Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

Enjoying brunch out can sometimes be disappointing/expensive, the queues too long and you get rushed out before you could order a second mimosa coffee. Welcome to another Sunday Brunch recipe, made at home for you to enjoy.

6 Ways to Barbecue Your Breakfast for Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend is kind of the last hoo-rah of the barbecue season. It’s also one of the last holidays to sleep in and leisurely make yourself breakfast. Combine the two, and we give you 6 ways to barbecue your breakfast!

Blueberry Pistachio and Marshmallow Cereal Bars

What sorts of treats remind you of when you were a kid? I was feeling nostalgic about the back-to-school season, and decided to recreate a classic treat in the form of Blueberry-Pistachio Marshmallow Cereal Bars. What fun!

Bacon and Egg Stuffed Potatoes

Take your weekend brunch to the next level of comfort food goodness with stuffed and baked bacon and egg potatoes.

Tomato Sauce Poached Eggs

Tomato Sauce Poached Eggs are the quintessential rustic Italian meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they’ll make for a quick and cozy part of your day.

Brunch Harissa Baked Egg Avocados
Brunch: Harissa Baked Egg Avocados

Filled with harissa, chili flakes and an egg, these baked avocados are truly something to marvel at and then devour.

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Topped with crunchy chia and hemp, this tropical coconut and mango smoothie bowl will transport you to a beach and make you feel as refreshed as if you were sitting under a palm tree.

Berry Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Frozen bananas, berries, avocado, lime juice and a boosted almond beverage made a nutrient-packed smoothie bowl that will leave you feeling energized.

Skillet Breakfast Nachos

Simple breakfast nachos with melted cheese, homemade salsa and your favorite toppings are the perfect brunch food or late-night snack to soak up the drinks.

Almond Milk Churro Waffles
Almond Milk Churro Waffles with Caramel, Chocolate, and Strawberry Sauces

Brushed with melted butter, coated in cinnamon sugar, and served with chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauces, try these churro waffles. They are what dreams are made of.

Date Smoothie Bowl

Start your morning with a protein-packed almond and date smoothie bowl, no diary even needed.

Almond and Coconut Blueberry Overnight Oats

Fresh blueberries, coconut yogurt, and almonds make these easy overnight oats a delicious force to be reckoned with.

Breakfast Tapioca Porridge

Switch up your breakfast porridge with this tapioca recipes made with vanilla, maca and a rhubarb-raspberry sauce. It tastes good enough to be dessert.

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Stir together these oats the night before and in the morning enjoy a nutritious breakfast with a topping of fresh, crunchy apples.