Emily Watson

Emily Watson is the blogger and recipe developer behind the blog, Nourishing Matters. She is on a mission to make whole foods delicious. Emily is also a yoga instructor and enjoys helping students cultivate that balance between effort and ease. She majored in Romance Languages at Dartmouth College, and her travels abroad continue to inspire her in the kitchen. She lives in Philadelphia and loves exploring the ever-changing local food scene.

Roasted Red Pepper and Pomegranate Dip

As a dip, a sandwich spread, or as a sauce with a protein, this roasted red pepper and pomegranate dip makes for a stunning presentation that is the perfect combination of smokey, sweet and savory.

Date Cocoa and Nut Truffles

What is great about energy bites is that they do not require any baking, they pack a bunch of protein and other good stuff to keep you going throughout the day, and they can be eaten for breakfast, snack, or dessert. This simple recipe calls for dates, coconut, and almond butter.

Nacho Style Sweet Potato Wedges

Two is always better than one. When these forces combine, awesomeness happens in your mouth. Less admiring, more Honest Cooking…get to it, all you culinary extraordinaires!

Colorful Bibimbap Skillet

A rainbow of vegetables top rice cooked with sesame oil. Toss the Korean dish with spicy gochujang and top with tofu, meats, or an egg.