Christina Main

Christina Main is the creator of Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe, but more importantly, is a sinner who has been graciously and mercifully saved from death, through the life and selfless sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Her story is a story of true redemption. She whole heartedly believe in the Bible, believes it to be completely inerrant, living and God's breathed Word. She believes in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although a wretched and sinful person, through His sovereign grace, she's able to strive to follow His Word daily. She knows that without Him, she couldn't do a darn thing.

Roasting Strawberries

While strawberries are fresh, you should be roasting them! Check out this delicious recipe that amps up the flavor and makes them perfect with ice cream, yogurt, pancakes, or just about anything really.

Concord Grape Fruit Jellies

Gummies made simply with three ingredients- fruit juice, gelatin, and honey, easily satisfy a sweet tooth. Try them with your favorite juice flavo