6 Ways to Barbecue Your Breakfast for Labor Day


Labor Day Weekend is kind of the last hoo-rah of the barbecue season. It’s also one of the last holidays to sleep in and leisurely make breakfast. Combine the two, and we give you 6 ways to barbecue your breakfast!

This loaded combination is the ultimate balance between sweet and savory. 

Scottish eggs are rich breakfast bombs. Hard or soft boil your eggs, put them on the barbecue for a smokey flavor, have it with a bit of mustard, and you’ve got one manly breakfast in just a few bites.

Get creative with your breakfast burger. It’s time to step up the sausage and syrup game and add juicy pops of blueberries. 

Who wouldn’t be happy with this loaded quesadilla for breakfast? It almost calls for a bit of tequila to a tall glass of OJ. Not kidding.

The summer version of French toast. Add a carmelized, tropical, berry bite to contrast the soft and custardy part of this breakfast. 

One of the classic American breakfasts made on the grill will get you out of bed, and ready for a knife and fork under the sun.

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