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Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl

PARTNER POST: Discover how delicious dairy-free sweet and savory cooking can be with DREAM Ultimate Almond.
Topped with crunchy chia and hemp, this tropical coconut and mango smoothie bowl will transport you to a beach and make you feel as refreshed as if you were sitting under a palm tree.

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl

I’ve actually been making smoothing bowls for YEARS, but never photographed them really because I didn’t attempt to make them pretty—I just poured a smoothie in a bowl and threw some things on top. But lately, I’ve really been having fun with it! Beautiful food is just more satisfying to eat.

But, I do love the idea of a smoothie bowl. It’s like a cold soup that you can eat for breakfast or lunch—perfect for Summer! Isn’t this one pretty? The different sections of color and texture are very pleasing to my eyes

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl

So what’s so special about this smoothie bowl? Well, first of all, it’s packed with tropical fruits: banana, mango (champagne mango a.k.a. best mango, ever), and pineapple, but second of all, it’s so super good for you.

I’m someone who isn’t super big on adding protein powders to my smoothies. It’s great every once in a while, but I prefer the taste and texture of just fruits and veggies, ice, and some type of non-dairy milk. When I was asked if I wanted to do a post with a new product by DREAM, I was immediately intrigued by the nutrition and ingredients. Chia seeds and flax seeds are things I like to add to my smoothies anyway for the Omega 3s, but oil from both is already included in DREAM Boosted. Each serving also contains 10g of protein, derived from plants—specifically peas. The variety I used here was coconut (tropical theme and all), but it also comes in almond!

Tropical Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Let’s talk a little about the toppings I chose. You can, of course, use any toppings you want (fresh fruit, nut butters, nuts, seeds, etc.), but I used goji berries, dried coconut, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. Goji berries are said to be one of the most nutritionally-dense foods in the world, dried coconut to go with the tropical theme, chia seeds for the Omega 3s, and hemp seeds because they are my newest obsession. For real…hemp seeds are so freakin’ tasty!

The new DREAM Ultimate Almond beverage can be found now at Whole Foods and soon at your local Sprouts. Click here for a coupon.

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  • Author: Rachael Dart


  • 1 large banana
  • 10 oz. fresh pineapple
  • 10 oz. fresh champagne mango
  • 1 cup DREAM Boosted Original Coconut Beverage
  • 2 handfuls ice (Or as much as desired)
  • goji berries (to top)
  • dried (unsweetened coconut, to top)
  • chia seeds (to top)
  • hemp seeds (to top)


  1. Place the banana, mango, pineapple, DREAM Boosted Coconut, and ice in a blender, and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into two bowls, and top with desired toppings.
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