Vicky Cassidy

Vicky Cassidy can usually be found in her Madison, WI kitchen with cumin or paprika in her hair and olive oil smudges on her camera. She is a self-taught cook and the occasional baker, and she loves oversharing stories about her kitchen and life on Things I Made Today.

Savory Tomato Jam

This delicious, savory tomato jam can be made all year round and slathered on just about everything.

Fresh Pasta: Saffron Tagliatelle

Spend a cold winter afternoon making sheets of fresh pasta. Roll out this flecked saffron tagliatelle and serve it in a simple spiced butter sauce.


Sausage and Fennel Pasta

This simple, hearty meal is bursting with flavor caramelized fennel and Italian sausage. Any one else think pasta is their #1 comfort food?


Sage and Blackberry Pie

Add a new depth of flavor to your next blackberry pie and stir in some fresh sage leaves. This pie is the perfect way to feature summer berries at their finest!

Cardamom Brioche Loaf

This buttery brioche loaf is perfect when you want a relaxing day in the kitchen. It’s twisted with a cardamom filling and glazed before slicing.


Homemade Teriyaki Salmon

A flavorful dinner doesn’t have to be complicated or require tons of time. Here is a teriyaki salmon that can be made in moments.