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Cheesy Mustard and Mushroom Toasts

Quick and easy, these Cheesy Mustard and Mushroom Toasts are made with sautéed mushrooms with Maille Old Style Mustard, fresh thyme and melted swiss cheese. Hearty, savory and vegetarian.


4 Ways to Build Your Toast

Toast is a great addition for breakfast. You can add extra protein, fruit, fats or grains depending on how you eat your toast. We’re going to build your everyday toast 4 ways. While bread and butter are definitely a favorite, sometimes we have to change things up.

Shrimp Toasts and White Wine Sauce

Buttery shrimp and mushrooms are cooked in a creamy white wine sauce and served on toast points for a flavorful appetizer perfect with a glass of wine.


Charred Ramp with Ricotta on Toast

While many mark spring by the first blossoms of crocuses and daffodils, for me it has always been the season of weird, wild, green things. From sorrel to green garlic, lambs quarters to fava beans, indulge in spring’s catwalk of here-then-gone harvests.

Sweet and Spicy Peach Toast

Looking for something different? Take a taste of this sweet and spicy peach toast. Honey, ricotta and just a touch of jalapeño make for a perfectly flavorful bite.

Chicken Caprese Toast

Loaded with roast chicken, olives, radishes, avocado, tomatoes and more, this open-faced toast is warmed with mozzarella for a quick meal packed with flavor.

Brazilian French Toast

Also known as rabanada, Brazilian French toast has more of a custard flavor than standard French toast and is sprinkled with sweet cinnamon sugar.

Egg Nog French Toast

Soak your bread in egg nog the night before and simply bake the French toast in the morning for a delicious winter brunch.

Homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

Feel like a kid again with homemade cinnamon toast crunch cereal, made without funky ingredients. The recipe calls for almond and coconut flours so your gluten-free breakfast eaters can dig in too.

Elegant Ricotta French Toast

Easy enough to throw together for brunch, but decadent enough for dessert, this soaked and baked French toast is great with all of the season’s fruit.

The Beauty of Avocado Toast

Grab a slice of bread, a ripe avocado, and get creative. For breakfast, lunch, or a snack, avocado toast is ready to for all odd ingredients in the fridge.

Shibuya Toast

The sweeter, Tokyo version of French toast is known as Shibuya. Berries, bread, maple, ice cream, and whipped cream make for a lengthy, but delicious, dish.

Grow-Your-Own-Sprouts Toast

This awesome time lapse shows alfalfa wiggling towards the sun. After you’re inspired to grow your own make sprout toast with goat cheese and herbs.

Toast Goes Gourmet

It is meant for more than breakfast. As an appetizer, open sandwich or deluxe veggie vessel toast is simply delicious. Try our favorite gourmet combinations

Cheesy Squash Bruschetta

Cheesy Squash Bruschetta

This recipe is just a guideline for how you can add an autumnal twist to bruschetta with chunks of sweet squash and cheeses of your choice.

Cheese Steak Panini

Thinly sliced rib eye, sauteed onions and bell peppers, loads of cheese, stuffed between sourdough bread toasted on a hot panini press until the cheese is oozing out.