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Desserts From Around the World

Often the final notes of a meal, desserts are the perfect opportunity to leave your guests in awe of your sweet genius. Discover traditional and new unique pastries and more to try from around the world.


Perfecting the Multi-Cultural Congee

The traditional rice porridge is back in style and Seattle’s Kraken Congee is bringing the comforting dish straight to the people with fun toppings like pork belly adobo, sake cured salmon, and wild mushrooms with crispy tofu.

Torino — Relaxed Fine Dining in Ferndale

Torino brings a fine dining-style tasting menu like Metro Detroit has never seen. Without being stiff, they have created a relaxed, engaging environment.

Coffee House Test: Pitango Gelato

Coffee and gelato go hand in hand, and this concept has become common in the US. Discover the decadence and sweet fairs of Pitango’s gelato and espresso.

Restaurant David Toutain, Paris

Enjoy of meal of the senses at David Toutain in Paris, France. No need to break the bank to try some delicious food, €42 can buy you a gourmet meal.

A New Take on Farm-to-Table: North River, NYC

In New York City, there’s no lack of chefs who profess a passion for local, quality ingredients. But on the menu at East Village newcomer North River, there’s not a leaf of kale in sight.