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3 Cocktails Designed with Cinco de Mayo in Mind

May 5th is on the way, which means Mexican spirits and drinks will be front and center at restaurants and bars around the country. For some inspiring cocktails that are both enticing on the palate and Instagram worthy for your feed, we turned to two top venues in NYC.

Refreshing Bourbon Cocktails for Kentucky Derby Weekend

Celebrate the coming Kentucky Derby Weekend with these refreshing Bourbon Cocktails.

Delicious Dishes Besides Tacos to Make for Cinco de Mayo

We love tacos, but we eat them all the time. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we want to go beyond our usual and celebrate with other delicious authentic and Tex-Mex dishes. Here are some of our favorites.

Perfect Cocktail and Taco Pairings

Cinco de Mayo is a perfect, although unnecessary, excuse to drink cocktails and eat tacos. Check out these perfect cocktail and taco pairings that will make you tastebuds sing.

Easy Dip Recipes to Bring to Spring Festivities

It’s the season of bridal showers, patio parties, graduation gatherings… check out these easy dip recipes that you can bring to the next event you. Don’t show up empty handed!

Perfect Spring Recipes with Prosciutto di Parma

Celebrate spring or at your Easter brunch with these fun appetizer dishes made with the ever-delicious Prosciutto di Parma, aka the King of Hams.

Banana Love is Real: Favorite Banana Recipes for Banana Day

Today is National Banana Day, but who really cares. We love bananas everyday of the week. Check out our current favorite banana recipes.

Wines Perfect for Every Type of Easter Dish

Check out these perfect wine pairings for every favorite Easter dish, from brunch to dinner, casual or festive.

Fall for Disaronno with these Easy Cocktails

Smooth and nutty, here’s why you should try Disaronno, if you haven’t already. Check out these easy and delicious cocktail with the Italian amaretto beverage.

Noodle Recipes We’re Currently Devouring

You know when that noodle craving hits and nothing else will do? Dig into this list of noodle recipes that we are currently making on repeat.

Where Elegance and Tranquility Meet: The Conrad Dublin

Twenty minutes from Dublin’s Airport, The award-winning Conrad Dublin is centrally located offering elegant accommodations while staying in Dublin.

Chefs’ 5 New Takes on Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a favorite, especially around Easter and the start of spring. Take a page out of these favorite chefs’ cookbooks and enjoy one of these delightful twists on carrot cake. From milkshakes to cookies, there’s a form of carrot cake for every occasion.

Delicious Easter Dinner Ideas in Less than 30 Minutes

Easter dinner is of course on a Sunday night. Meaning, we don’t want to spend all night in the kitchen when we have to work the next day. Check out these easy and delicious Easter dinner ideas that you can put together in less than 30 minutes.

Three New Vegan and Vegetarian Cookbooks to Get Excited About, Even if You’re Not Vegan or Vegetarian

Whether you have a dairy allergy, you are trying to incorporate more vegetables into every meal, you just love cookbooks or you are actually vegan or vegetarian, these three new vegan and vegetarian cookbooks are awesome. Even if you eat meat.

California Sparkling Wines You Don’t Need a Special Occassion to Justify Popping

Do you usually save a bottle of bubbles for a holiday or special occasion? We’re guilty of this two, but Scharffenberger Cellars is out to change that. Check out this California sparkling wine that you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to come around before you pop it.

The Perfect Wines for an Italian-Inspired Easter Brunch or Dinner

We love Easter. It’s a holiday that helps us stop and slow down and celebrate the change of the seasons. Easter is a big holiday in Italy, so we’ve come up with some delicious Italian wines that are perfect with Italian-inspired brunch or dinners for Easter.

Delicious Easter Recipes Featuring Kurobuta Hams

What is Kurobuta Ham? Kurobuta is the Japanese term for “black hog” and refers to animals of the heritage Berkshire breed. This ham is deliciously marbled with a beautiful dark color and is perfect for your Easter brunch or dinner. Check out these Kurobuta ham recipes.

Easy Ways to Pack More Nutrition into Kid-Friendly Meals

Here are a few tips for easy ways to pack more nutrition into your kid’s meals.

Bread Baking at Home: Tips for the Perfect Crumb

Baking bread at home can seem daunting. We dive into Richard Bertinet’s new cookbook, Crumb: Bake Brilliant Bread, to share some tips for baking delicious bread in your home kitchen.

Top Nevada Beers to Try ASAP

So maybe Colorado or Oregon are first to come to mind when thinking of states that make great beer, but Nevada should be on your radar too. Check out these favorite beers coming out of Nevada now.

Celebrate the Season: Recipes that Scream of Spring

Welcome a new season with these recipes that are just as sunny and refreshing as spring.

Chefs Jump on the Everything Seasoning Craze: Favorite Everything Dishes Across the US

Everything seasoning is no longer reserved only for bagels. The all-purpose seasoning has hit its stride, popping up on menus across the country. From dessert to mains and even cocktails, check out these chef-created favorite restaurant dishes with everything seasoning being served around the US.

How to Not Feel so Intimidated at the Charcuterie Counter

With names that can be hard to pronounce if you’re unfamiliar, casings (do you eat them or not??), unknowns weights and sometimes seemingly high prices, a charcuterie counter can seem more daunting than a fish or meat counter at times. We want to change that! Here’s how to not feel so intimated when you’re standing in front of the charcuterie counter.

15 St. Patrick’s Day-Inspired Recipes to Make us Wish it Came More than Once a Year

From traditional Irish recipes to the super inauthentic, but still delicious, American versions with beer stirred in, check out these yummy St. Patrick’s Day-inspired recipes.

Matcha Sweets from Pastry Chef Kaley Laird

Pastry Chef Kaley Laird of Rhubarb and its sister café-bakery-pantry, The Rhu, in Ashevile, NC are dishing up some delicious matcha sweets. Check out these awesome green creations that are flavorful and boosted with antioxidants from the ground green tea powder.

Favorite Mexican Recipes Perfect for Lent

We love Mexican food all year round. Authentic Mexican dishes, Tex-Mex, you name it, we’re on board. Check out these vegetarian or seafood dishes that are perfect for the Lent season. Plus, a traditional Lent dessert too.

Our New Favorite Food Beer: Tequila Barrel Lime Gose

Loaded with crisp citrus notes, hints of agave and a touch of salt, this Tequila Barrel Lime Gose from Boulevard Brewing is a sour beer we are currently obsessed with. It easily pairs with food too!

Executive Chef Kostas Athanasiou of Hilton Athens Shares His Sea Bream Carpaccio

The Hilton Athens has a star in the kitchen named Executive Chef Kostas Athanasiou. Local…

Often Overlooked Dinner Party Details: Tips from Clodagh McKenna

Check out these helpful hosting tips from Clodagh McKenna, cookbook author, chef and dinner party superstar. These often overlooked dinner party details will make your next hosting gig a success.

The Best Mushroom Cocktails: Mushroom Cocktails? Oh Yes, They’re Good.

Mushroom cocktails are ACTUALLY a thing. Don’t know it before you try it. Mushroom broths and more have been showing up in cocktails, coffee and tea. Here are some of the best creations.

Ditch the Bowl and Milk: Recipes to Make with Cereal

Yeah, cereal is great simply served with milk in a bowl, but it’s also a great baking ingredient. Check out these awesome recipes to make with cereal.

Meatless Dinners to Make this Week

Need some dinner inspiration that doesn’t include meat? Check out these meatless dinners that are cozy, filling, and loaded with veggies.

Chai-Spiced Desserts to Bake Now

Warm up, get cozy and not just with a cup of tea, but a cup of tea and a chai-spiced dessert. The perfect warm notes for winter.

How to Order a Cocktail: Tips from Bar Experts

Hip cocktail bars with giant menus, or no menu at all, can feel daunting if you don’t have a go-to drink or you’re still figuring out how to order spirits. Stuart Jensen, bar manager of the newly-opened Brass Tacks in Denver, has the tips you need to order a cocktail that suits your tastes.

Grab the Tequila! Drinks to Celebrate National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day is coming up on Friday, February 22nd. Get ready to celebrate with these fun twists on the tequila drink. Choose the cocktail that fits your taste and cheers to the well-loved margarita!

Crave-Able Vegetarian Winter Comfort Food

Recipes don’t necessarily have to be loaded with meat to be cozy and comforting. Check out these crave-able vegetarian comfort food dishes to make on the next cold day.

Red Carpet-Ready Popcorn and Wine Pairings for an Oscars Viewing Party

Whether you are hosting friends or just enjoying the Oscars on your own couch, these popcorn and wine pairings from Will and Coral Frischkorn of Cured in Boulder are about to knock your socks off. Sweet, salty and gourmet, each pairing will make your tastebuds sing.

Nutella Alert: Favorite Chocolate-Hazelnut Desserts

So you love Nutella? We understand. These chocolate-hazelnut desserts are sure to knock your socks off.

The Ultimate Spirits and Chocolate Pairings for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are looking for decadent gift ideas or want to treat your Valentine to a chocolate pairing date night at home, this ultimate spirits and chocolate pairings guide is for you.

Swoon-Worthy Homemade Treats for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Whether you’re bringing a treat in to work or school or you are looking for a special sweet something for your special someone, check out this list of swoon-worthy homemade treats that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Tips for No-Fail Bread Baking at Home

Whether you are making yeast-raised cinnamon rolls or a loaf of bread, check out these tips for no-fail bread baking at home.

Fit to a T: 5 Delicious Tea Products for National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea Month, so it’s the ideal time to stock up on some favorites. Here’s what made the list for culinary tea obsessions this season, and to flip the script, several don’t require any heat at all.

10 Delicious Things to Make with Guacamole

Guacamole. It’s great for game day dip, but it can be used for so much more than that. Check out these delicious dips, wraps and apps to make with guacamole.

Veggie-Loaded Winter Dishes

We may be in the dead of winter, but there are still plenty of cozy, veggie-loaded dishes to devour. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Mediterranean Diet isn’t a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle

‘Diet’ is a four-letter word that evokes thoughts of restrictions, bland food and a temporary change. Rather than a diet, let’s think about a lifestyle. Check out the key elements of a Mediterranean lifestyle and its good food and lasting changes.

8 Delicious Things to Make with Popcorn

January 19th is Popcorn Day and we are so down to celebrate. Check out these sweet and savory popcorn recipes that are more exciting than just digging into a buttered bowl of warm kernels.

Tips for Reducing Food Waste

From buying to storing and cooking food, check out these helpful tips to reducing your food waste.

It’s For More than Just Drinking: Things to Make with Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk isn’t just for drinking. Check out these rich, creamy recipes for fun ideas of things to make with chocolate milk.

12 Recipes Using Your New Spiralizer

So you received a spiralizer for Christmas, but you’re not quite sure what to make with it? Check out these fun ideas.

Our Favorite All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant

All-You-Can-Eat? Really, Honest Cooking? We know what you’re thinking, but just like every other food lover, the thought of unlimited or bottomless food or drinks can be quite enticing. We have found our favorite. Especially for meat lovers, Fogo de Chão, takes the cake as our favorite all-you-can-eat restaurant.

Missing Summer’s Tomatoes? Things to Make All Winter with Preserved Tomatoes

We miss summer’s tomato bounty. While we dream of warm days, we’re happily digging into these recipes that use preserved tomatoes. We like to cook with Pomì’s Italian tomatoes that are such high quality and full of the taste of summer.

10 Pancakes From Around the World to Make ASAP

Everyone loves pancakes. And just about every culture has some sort of a cake batter cooked in a pan or oven. Check out these 10 pancakes from around the world, sweet and savory.

New Year’s Eve In: Chocolate and Bubbles

SPONSORED POST: French chocolate maker, Cémoi, strives to introduce new ways for us to taste…

Make Your New Year’s Festivities Sparkle with Prosecco Superiore

Don’t just serve the usual bubbles at your New Year’s Eve shindig, open a bottle of Prosecco Superiore. This high-quality sparkling wine is the perfect way to elevate a low key night at home ringing in 2019 or to bring to a gathering with friends.

Ring in the New Year with Punch Bowls

Mix up one big bowl of punch to serve on New Year’s Eve instead of spending time shaking together a cocktail for each of your friends. Set out a bucket of ice, festive glasses, the big-batch punch cocktail and a bottle of bubbles for the traditionalists. We’re ready for you 2019!

How to Host a Chocolate Tasting

We can all agree chocolate solves just about any problem, but how much do you know about the flavors that make up your chocolate? Host a chocolate tasting with your friends and family and learn together while eating chocolate. What could be better?!

Take Your Prosecco Game Up a Notch in Time for the Holidays

You’ve probably had Italy’s most popular sparkling wine, Prosecco, before. But how much do you really know about it and selecting a great bottle? Take Your Prosecco Game Up a Notch in Time for the Holidays.

Food Resolutions You Should Actually Make

There’s nothing that kills conversation at the holiday dinner table like mentioning the diet you are going to start on January 1st. Instead of jumping on a fad food regimen that is hard to stick to, check out these food resolutions that you should make and are fun to keep.

What is Norwegian Food? A Taste of Norway

Norwegian food has a lot to do with its landscape and its culture. Nevada Berg’s new cookbook, North Wild Kitchen: Home Cooking from the Heart of Norway, delves into foraging, fishing, harvesting and more that is common to Norwegian life.

Don’t Forget the Veggies – Festive Holiday Sides

It’s easy to focus on the bread, the main dish, the drinks and dessert, they’re often more exciting. But don’t forget the veggies! Check out these festive holiday sides that are flavorful and far from boring. They might even steal the spotlight.