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Veggie-Loaded Winter Dishes

Veggie-Loaded Winter Dishes

We may be in the dead of winter, but there are still plenty of cozy, veggie-loaded dishes to devour. Here are a few of our favorites.

Zucchini Noodle Thai Curry Soup
This Thai curry soup is spicy, creamy, and warming with refreshing bites of zucchini noodles. Dig in! See the recipe.

Indian Spiced Lamb Curry with Eggplant and Yogurt Sauce
Nothing’s better than a warming curry in the cooler months. This lamb curry with eggplant and yogurt sauce is just the dish to cozy up to. See the recipe.

Farro Salad with Beets
A simple recipe for Farro Salad with Beets and their tops! This healthy, vegan-adaptable salad can be made ahead for midweek meals and can be served warm or chilled. See the recipe.

Pomegranate and Balsamic-Stuffed Butternut Squash with Loire Valley Wine
Dig into this stunning side dish or main dish of colorful stuffed butternut squash. See the recipe.

See Also

Roasted Eggplant with Lentils and Goat Cheese
Filled with protein-rich lentils, these loaded eggplant halves can be the main attraction. See the recipe.

Moroccan Sweet Potato and Kale Salad
This hearty salad is full of amazing flavors and is incredibly simple and easy to make – with only 20 minutes of actual hands-on time. See the recipe.

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