It’s For More than Just Drinking: Things to Make with Chocolate Milk

There’s something so nostalgic about chocolate milk, but isn’t just for drinking. Check out these rich, creamy recipes for fun ideas of things to make with chocolate milk. (They’re the perfect excuse to pick up a jug at the grocery store this week.)

Chocolate Milk Bundt Cake
This beautiful, soft chocolate milk cake is topped with a chocolate milk frosting to be deliciously rich. See the recipe.

Chocolate Milk Pancakes
Spruce up your next batch of pancakes with a splash of chocolate soy milk. See the recipe.

Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats
Add some pizzaz to your next overnight oats with regular chocolate milk or dark chocolate almond milk. See the recipe.

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake
This tres leches cake uses three different chocolates and milks to really pack the chocolate flavor in. See the recipe.

Chocolate Milk S’Mores Brownies
The taste of a summer campfire all year round, thanks to chocolate milk. See the recipe.

Chocolate Milk Coffee
Get that stuff in your coffee STAT. See the recipe.

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