Daniel S. Bahrami

Daniel S. Bahrami is a Barcelona based writer with a background in digital communication and journalism in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been part of the editorial staff of the biggest Danish fashion magazine, Eurowoman, and has worked freelance for several other publications as well as experience in fashion and gastronomy PR.

Discover the Craftsmanship Behind the Unique Florentine Kitchen Knives

With a reputation for being one of the most unique and sought after knife brands in the industry, Florentine Kitchen Knives makes cutlery in a sleek and contemporary design, leaving their fans paying hundreds of euros for the knives which have a waiting list of up to a year. Now they are opening an atelier and storefront in Barcelona, so we caught up with the intriguing business for a chat.


La Bottega – The Rebirth of Geneva’s Gem

The Michelin-awarded La Bottega has reinvented classic Italian cuisine since May 2015 and helped put Geneva on the gastronomical world map. Now that co-founder Paolo Airaudo has left the restaurant to embark on new adventures, we caught up with sole owner Francesco Gasbarro to talk about his plans for the award-winning La Bottega.

Clou – a Bright Star of the Danish Food Scene

Take a creative approach to pairing food with wine, some true dedication to the classic techniques of cooking and the homey feeling of dining at the house of your best friend, and you have Clou. A trailblazing bright star on the Danish food scene, Clou proves the Danish restaurant scene is more than Nordic minimalism.