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Fall for Disaronno with these Easy Cocktails

Fall for Disaronno with these Easy Cocktails

Smooth and nutty, here’s why you should try Disaronno, if you haven’t already. Check out these easy and delicious cocktail with the Italian amaretto beverage.

I distinctly remember my first taste of Disaronno. It was college friend’s 21st birthday and he invited a few people over for a pre-bar drink. It’s college, we’re broke, and although we attend the Culinary Institute of America, our knowledge of alcohol is still pretty limited. I bring a cake that I expect will pair well with the free bottle of wine leftover from Wines Class or cheap beer. Nope. I’ve got it all wrong. Instead, he pours glasses of the amaretto liqueur over ice and passes them around. I immediately wonder if he’s turning 61 instead of 21.

The first sip washed over my tongue smoothly, bringing sweetness and notes of fruits, while hints of almonds and vanilla wafted up my nose. My friend was ahead of his time. He knew what he was doing. It even paired well with the cake! And this is the night I fell for Disaronno. We even managed to skip the crowded, grimy college bar and stayed in for more cake and another glass of Italian amaretto.

Disaronno is easy to love and easy to incorporate into cocktails or enjoy on its own.

Fun Disaronno Facts

Disaronno has been made since 1525 and it’s the world’s favorite Italian liqueur, distributed in 160 countries.

Can’t do nuts? No Problem! Although almond-forward in flavor, Disaronno doesn’t contain any almonds. Not only is it almond-free, it is also 100% nut-free, gluten-free and Kosher-certified. Disaronno for all!

It is perfectly smooth, on the rocks, or with the addition of lemon, proving its versatility in great classics such as the Godfather, Disaronno Sour, as well as other intriguing and innovative cocktails.

No one knows Disaronno’s recipe – except for three people. A secret formula was handed down from generation to generation, with no exceptions to who can get their hands on it.

The Disaronno bottle has a unique design and a cap that was inspired by and they partnered with Fashion Houses like Versace, Moschino, Etro & Missoni to create it.


Now it’s time to get to know Disaronno through cocktails!

Disaronno Godfather
1 part Disaronno®
1 parts of your favorite whiskey

Pour over large ice and stir.

Orange twist

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Disaronno Fizz
2 parts Disaronno®
4 parts Soda/Sparkling Water
1 part Fresh Lemon Juice

Pour ingredients over ice and gently stir.

Lemon slice

Disaronno Italian Sparkler
2 parts Disaronno®
4 parts your favorite Prosecco
1 oz Lemon Juice

Pour ingredients in flute and gently stir.

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  • Thanks for the Disaronno ideas. I drink Disaronno with sweet and sour mix over ice. Going to try the Italian cake recipe.

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