Tamara Novakoviç

Tamara Novakovic is a passionate self-taught cook, food blogger, freelance food writer and photographer behind bite-my-cake.blogspot.com. Her life journey has led her through Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb, Croatia to discovering passion for making cakes. She is currently a weekly food columnist for Croatian newspaper V magazine and food magazine Repete.

Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Muffins

Always a great idea for gatherings and parties, as well as delicious breakfast, chocolate muffins are a classic must-have.

Spring Salad Dressing

Spring Salad Dressing

Who wouldn’t fall in love with abundant spring veggies and all the seasonal ingredients there are during this part of the year?

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This is such a wonderful cake containing only 3 ingredients. The perfect proof that you don’t need fancy stuff to make delicious cakes.

Celery Carrot Puree

Celery Carrot Puree

You can combine all kinds of vegetables for this, but celery goes very well with sweetness that comes from carrots.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

When in doubt, always resort to chocolate mousse. It’s one of those French classics that never disappoint.

Ginger Juice

Ginger juice is enriched with a few other healthy ingredients and will get you going in the morning. It’s also a great detox routine.

Meringue Nougat Cake

Meringue Nougat Cake

This is a beautiful, delicious cake. One of those that look great and are simple to make. This can be a great addition to you Easter table.

Chocolate Caramel Tartlets

Tartlets, miniature tarts or tartlette as they’re called in France is a very cute way of making and serving sweet treats.

At Pierre Hermé’s in Paris

From “Picasso of pastries“, “Dior of desserts“ to “the king of modern pâtisserie“, Pierre Hermé’ doesn’t need any special introduction.

Dark Beer Bread

A great looking and nicely flavored dark beer bread recipe from Tamara Novacoviç.


Carrot Cake Recipe

This lovely carrot cake takes literally no time to make and it’s endlessly delicious.

Pea Fritters Recipe

Vegetable fritters are a great way of serving vegetables to those who are not particularly fond of it. They’re also a great way to use lunch leftovers.

Strawberries and Vanilla

It’s strawberry season – that wonderful time of the year – so make sure to use as much of them while you can.

Deliciously Simple Buns

Even if you’re not a skilled bread maker and baker, these buns will make you want to bake them on a daily basis.

Making your Own Fondant

There’s no reason to buy fondant when you’re just a few ingredients and steps away from cheaper home made version of high quality.