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Simple Beef Tartare at Home

Beef tartare doesn’t have to stay in the restaurants. Learn how to make it at home and do it safe and right every time. The best part is, it is so simple.

How to Make Matambre

Native to Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, the thin beef is filled with vegetables and even eggs. The roulade is served sliced on bread with chimichurri.

Simple Fried Beef Empanadas

These small fried beef empanadas are quick and delicious. They can be served as an appetizer or an afternoon snack. Use wonton wrappers as a delicious shortcut.

Garlic Habanero London Broil

London Broils keep friends sitting at a table until it is gone. Featuring a garlic pepper marinade blended with orange and thyme for a bright, tender meat.

Nacho Burgers

A plain burger patty thrown on the grill lets creative toppings and flavors really shine. This nacho burger has everything: salsa, queso, and avocado.

Beef and Onion Curry

A traditional Bangladesh dish, beef curry is served at major events. Caramelized onions and potent spices make this a memorable beef and gravy dish.


Beef Tacos – Animal Style

When you combine a copycat recipe for an iconic burger and wrap it in a tortilla, taco night will never be the same. Animal Style In-N-Out Bacon Beef Tacos.

Berbere Beef

Berbere Beef

Berbere spice mix is an Ethiopian flavoring made up of cumin and coriander seed, which are familiar from North African spice mixes, as well as a more localised blend of pepper, ajowan, fenugreek, allspice.

Updated Pasta Navy

Updated Pasta Navy

This recipe was originally developed for its penny-pinching properties but it has all the makings of an instant classic comfort food, regardless of your means.

Braised Beef Shanks

Braised Beef Shanks

This budget-friendly take on osso buco replaces the traditional veal shank with beef.

Deliciously Greek - Moussaka

Deliciously Greek – Moussaka

Moussaka, the national dish of Greece is a casserole with a delicious meaty sauce, eggplant, potatoes and topped with creamy bechamel.

Kalops - Swedish Beef Stew

Kalops – Swedish Beef Stew

A rich and satisfying traditional Swedish beef stew, Kalops is seasoned with white peppercorns and allspice berries.

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

You can prepare the beef wellingtons the day before, chill them overnight, and then simply bake them for 20 minutes and enjoy.

Hachee - Dutch Beef Stew

Hachee – Dutch Beef Stew

This delicious traditional stew delivers a satisfying meal after making your house smell scrumptious the whole afternoon. Your neighbours will be jealous!