Tux Loerzel

Tux is a food blogger, photographer, dog lover, husband, and avid baker living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Originally from upstate New York, he inherited his love of cooking and baking from his mother and grandmother. With the encouragement of good friends and several glasses of wine, he began his food writing and blogging adventure in the fall of 2013. Learn more about Tux at his blog Brooklyn Homemaker

Layered S’Mores Cake

Layers of rich chocolatey cake, toasted marshmallow filling, made from actual marshmallows and enrobed in a velvety swiss meringue buttercream loaded with graham cracker crumbs and just a hint of cinnamon. This layered s’mores cake is a sure showstopper.


Triple Blueberry Cake

A yellow cake marbled with blueberries, a blueberry jam filling and a topping of fresh blueberries. This triple blueberry cake is stunning and will become a family favorite.

Fennel and Sage Sweet Potato Gratin

The mix of red, white, and sweet potatoes with onions and fennel and a mix of cheeses make for a nutty, rich, and herbal side dish with garlic that is fit for any winter meal.


Nectarines and Cream “Icebox” Cake

The original recipe has been around since the first world war and was most likely inspired by similar desserts like the Charlotte or the Trifle. And if there is an abundance of nectarines you don’t know what to do with, use them for this delicious recipe!

Strawberry Chocolate Tuxedo Cake

This chocolate tuxedo layer cake gets a splash of pink with a super fresh and flavorful strawberry mascarpone icing that finishes the dessert off with some major class.